Hybrid Golf Clubs


August 17, 2012

My husband, Doug and I played golf once and I really liked it a lot. Though there is one thing I really don’t like when I played golf. I don’t want to be out too long in the sun and it makes my skin so dark. Now that the weather is getting cooler out I would love to play golf again with my husband. One of his wrestlers at school Bucky, works at the golf course here in Rogers. 

For sure he know about the clubs I want to get, hybrid golf clubs. Now that playing golf is in our plan to do over the fall and next spring we need our own golf clubs to start with. Doug tells me that you really need your own clubs cause all clubs are different and you will play better with your own clubs you are used to. Doug used to play golf a lot matter of fact he was on the golf team in high school.


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