I Love Scion FR-S


August 31, 2012

Every weekend I have been practicing in driving our car so I can take the driving test and have my driver’s license, and my own car. Yeah we are planning to buy a new car for me and we have looked at some of the cars already. I love the many new cars including the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger and the new Scion FR-S. All the cars I like have many great things going for them and each has something in common they are sporty and have plenty of power. I guess I am spoiled as I am learning on our V-8 powered BMW X-5. I think though of all the cars I like the styling on the Scion the best. I really love the lines of the car especially the ground effects and the front end. The customization is also great as they even have special racing versions. Oh and I love the rims on the car as well.

  The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S


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