New Faucets For Our Bath Rooms


August 15, 2012

It is  just six weeks away when Charles will have his 4th birthday. He is so excited and so are we. Charles wants a lot of presents, a vanilla cake with NASCAR decorations, balloons and party decorations for his birthday are on his lists. For toys Charles wants Lego’s, drag race car and a kite. As a mom, I am very proud of him. He can do things on his own like washing his hands by him self in our bathroom and kitchen.

Though I always check to make sure our faucets are off when he is done washing his hands. Our faucets are a little bit taller than him and he does not want to use a step stool feeling like a big boy I guess huh? I would really like to have new faucets in both our bath rooms and our kitchen. I especially like the newer touch faucets that are available.


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