Saving Money


August 21, 2012

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

 My husband and I have been working really, really hard to save money but it’s tough! Between the kids’ private school education and all the extracurriculars we have them in it’s really hard to make ends meet and still have anything left over to do anything fun. I know we should be saving more but I decided this year we needed a vacation, too, since we hadn’t been on one as a family in over three years. So without talking to Mark I sat down and started figuring out ways we could cut back…it really didn’t take too long. I looked into electric companies in dallas where we live and found a better rate being offered and I took my health insurance down a notch (I’m self-employed and I didn’t really need all the coverage I was paying for.) My son’s old clothes went to consignment and I took off the premium channels on the TV because no one ever watched them anyway and before I knew it we were on track to save over two grand in the course of 6-months! When I told my husband about it he got really excited and we started working on it together – that was fun. The kids got into it, too, and gave me some of their old toys to sell on eBay and now we’ve got more than enough to go on a really great vacation this year. Who would have thought after all this time there was so much money to be had in our family? It’s not like we feel like we’ve been scrimping which is the best part. All it took was a little hard work by the family and realigning our priorities and now we’ve got a few thousand dollars in the bank in case of a rainy day and we’re all set to head to Cancun for the family vacation of a lifetime. I wish I had thought to do this sooner!


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