Showered His Cologne


August 06, 2012

Since we don’t have DirecTV connection for one week, we decided to go outside and took Charles to the park. The weather has been pretty nice. Not too hot just a perfect day to start off the week. Anyway, while we were at the park there was a father of two kids who just smelled like he took a shower of  the whole bottle of his cologne. I am very sensitive when it comes to smells and it made me dizzy or want to throw up. Well Charles did not care because he loved sliding down the slides especially the real tall one. He also was kind of scared to climb this ladder thing. Doug stood by him on his first try then the rest of the night Charles was confident and climbed up it quick. He also got to do one of his favorite things, throw rocks in the creek. It is nice having the crystal clear water we have here in the Ozarks.


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