String Beans


August 18, 2012

I had quite a busy today I went to the Asian store A’Chau Oriental Market and got some green beans, coco milk, rice noodles and sardines. Then we went to Walmart and bought our groceries. We also stopped by at Boomerang to have our car washed and vacuumed the inside of the car. I am not really a big fan of automatic car washes. The car is not totally clean and it still looks dirty to me. 

But I guess when you want to get stuff done so quickly you will just have to drive to the car wash rather than washing your car by yourself. When we got back home I cooked my dinner and my husband and Charles wants to eat pizza. For my dinner tonight I had sautéed string beans (sitaw) one of my favorite vegetables to eat. Then I also cooked tilapia (paksiw) but dried fish would be a perfect pair for my green beans though I couldn‘t get it at the Asian store here in Rogers.


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