Weather Has Been Really Bad


August 01, 2012

Over the last few days the weather has been really bad. The temperature always reaches up to 100 degrees and it is very hot. Even just going inside the garage I felt like I am stuck inside the oven. I don’t know when it is going to rain and we really need some. The price of the produce has already increased at the market and it could go up more anytime soon. I felt bad to those people living on a stamp. They can’t buy whatever they want at the store and how much more when they have more kids to feed? 

When I was in the Philippines I never really think on how Americans live. I never think millions of Americans are struggling in this economy until I saw it on the news or read on the internet. Well, while I was typing a blog post I accidentally deleted it even though I saved it already. I really don’t like using on this laptop but the desktop is on the other room and I am watching the Olympics right now. 


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