Pinnacle Hills Promenade


September 25, 2012

I was very skeptical when we moved down here to Rogers, Arkansas. We don’t know anybody and I have no idea how the area looks like. Well, living here in Rogers, Arkansas is a great experience so far. Rogers is a nice area to raise a family though I would love to live closer with my husband’s family. In fact, Rogers is in the top 10 of Best Places to live here in the United States. Well, that’s true. There are a lot of job opportunities that you can apply and work with. Great schools where my husband teaches at here in Rogers. And my favorite great outdoor shopping area at Pinnacle Hills Promenade.

Best High School Press Box


September 24, 2012

My husband, Doug is in his twentieth year teaching. These last three years are the only ones he has not coached football. Since he is a head wrestling coach and has wrestling class year round he just does not have the time to coach football. Doug though loves football and has volunteered his time these last three years helping the school program by working running the clock and scoreboard. Doug always brags about how his school has the best high school press box he has ever seen. They just upgraded the stadium last year and he is really impressed with the press box.

Inside Cabela's


September 23, 2012

It is kind of sad that my husband’s sisters and their cousin are back in Missouri after Charles’ birthday. How I wish we lived closer so we can get to see them all the time. So we had our breakfast at Copeland’s and we all love the brunch buffet. As much as I want to eat more and enjoy my meal I couldn’t do it. Charles kept on saying he wasn’t feeling very good and was laying on the bench. On our way home Charles doesn’t want to go home and wants to go to the store. We droved back going to the mall and we went to Cabela‘s. Cabela’s is an outdoor shop and just opened at the end of August. We thought we could find something for Charles like shoes but we did not. On our way home we stopped at Academy Sports and Outdoors and found shoes for Charles that my husband and Charles both really liked. I really don’t like them because I had other shoes that I like for Charles. Oh well, it was Charles’ choice so that’s fine.

Edge Protectors

My husband has sold some of his World War II collection online and he used edge protectors to keep the items safe. Every buyer is very happy once they receive their items. Keeping your valuable items safe when sending packages is a must to keep the customers happy in the long run. Whether you are sending small to large type of packages make sure to use edge protectors.

Medical Billing Forms


September 19, 2012

My husband has a sister who is a nurse and another who used to be a nurse and now is a hospital administrator. We are very active in the health care of our family and have talked numerous times to Mary Jane and Linda about medical billing and how complex the whole system is. While the average patient is beset by bills and confusion the doctor and hospital face their own complications. That is where ub-04 software comes in. 

The program is an electronic and online medical billing forms software that makes it much easier for doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals to process and input claims to insurance providers. The way this works is through the groundbreaking innovation of the ub04 claim form. Take charge of your healthcare and if you are a provider make your life more efficient and profitable.

AT&T Charging Us for Disconnected Internet Service

Nothing infuriates me more then when big companies like AT&T keep on sending monthly statement for the services that we have never owed. Before we moved into this house on the first day of July my husband cancelled our AT&T internet service last July 6, from our old house. And now, AT&T keeps on sending monthly statement from August 2, to September 1, for the amount of $99.66. Geez! This is very annoying. Our monthly payment was only $24.95 and now they are charging us $99.66 in advance for the disconnected service?

Of course every time my husband calls the customer service he has to go through the automated system before he can talk to a real customer service representative which is from India who barely understands English. I want this problem to be straightened out before the due date even though I am not willing to pay for the bill. Luckily, I still kept the previous bills we have from AT&T with our internet service. This kind of situation always irritates me when a big company like AT&T wants every penny we have in our pocket.

Clean Carpet is Every Mother's Want


September 17, 2012

Just recently our neighbor next door moved out for another job out of town. It kind of sucks that we couldn’t see them again knowing we just moved in this house this July. They were a nice couple and their house was really nice inside. It sucked too that they left a tire on the curb that no one has picked up yet after two weeks. Well back to the point, before they left their house they hired a carpet cleaner here in town to keep the carpets clean. 

Having a clean carpet is every mother’s want for their kids to roam around on. It is hard though when your carpet gets dirty and stains won’t come out. Instead of cleaning it for yourself it would be ideal when you hire some one like, round rock tx carpet cleaner. It is better to let the professionals do the job because they know what they are doing instead of doing it for yourself.

I Forgot Today is Monday

I forgot today is Monday so I wasn’t in a hurry when we were at Wal-Mart. I thought it was Tuesday because my show, Flipping Out has moved its time schedule. It is already 9 o’clock when I realized I have to watch Real Housewives of New York City tonight. I already missed it so I set to record it for the next showing. Anyway, I didn’t do so much today. My son, Charles is constipated and the Pedia Lax tablets that he took yesterday hasn’t helped him poop. He’s been in the bathroom for about 2 hours in the morning and about 1 hour in the afternoon. I decided to buy another Pedia Lax liquid glycerin suppositories and hopefully this will help him poop sometime soon. He’s not been eating very well today and I feel sorry for my son. It is hard not seeing him very active and not playing with his toys.

Diet Foods from Diet Direct


September 16, 2012

I love my wonderful husband, Doug very much. My son, Charles as well loves his dad and is always upset when he is gone to work or to a wrestling tournament.  Doug though is not in the best health. Always a big guy, which helped him in football and wrestling, now he has developed Type II Diabetes. Doug has had diabetes for almost twenty years and he is just too heavy and not in good enough shape. Doug has fought for years to control his blood glucose level and as well his weight which is a primary cause of Type II Diabetes. Doug though has been doing better over the last year as he has finally found diet foods that he actually likes and is more motivated then ever. Doug really likes the Wonder Slim products that he has found online at the diet direct website. Along with a better diet though you need to also increase your activity level. Doug likes to walk along our local nature trail. It does not take running or lifting weights to help with your weight, just a little cardio goes a long way. Doug walks thirty minutes five times a week and it has improved his stamina by quite a bit.

Anderson Live


September 14, 2012

Does any of you watch Anderson Live on NBC? Well I did and I am not really a big fan of the new season of Anderson. First, I don’t think the set is as nice as the previous one. The giant screen is very low and the couch is covering it which you can’t see when you are watching the show. Everyday, Anderson has a guest co-host and none of them interest me much. I tried to watch my recorded show from Monday and it was very uninteresting. 

One of the guests, a mother and daughter from the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on TLC. Geez! I am so glad I recorded the show so I can skip the commercials and the annoying segments of the show. And on Tuesday, the “Tan Mom”, and her husband so I decided not to watch the rest of the week. I keep myself busy watching Disney Junior with my son, Charles and it was more fun and exciting as we sung along with the soundtrack of the shows.

Car Title Loan


September 10, 2012

We have all faced tough financial times in the past, especially in the last few years of this bad economy. One of the things that often happens is that we need a small loan to get us through a tough time and to our next pay check. One of the things available at that time is a car title loan. While any loan has to be paid back a car title loan has many advantages. For one you can keep your car as you pay off your loan. 

Unlike a payday loan the interest rates are not predatory.  There is help for people anywhere even if you live in a small town far away from a storefront car title loan company, Car Title Loan Carrollton gives our on line car title loans. So if you need short term financial help make sure to take advantage of what is available to help you out, where ever you live.

Cheese Ravioli for Lunch


September 09, 2012

I just had Cheese Ravioli for lunch and I am glad my son, Charles ate the food as well. Cheese Ravioli is very easy to prepare. All I had to do was boil water, add the Ravioli for 6 minutes. Once its done I added parmesan cheese. Looks delicious doesn’t it? Anyway, it is still a beautiful day outside and Charles is going to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk. He can’t ride his bicycle on the backyard because the grass needs to be mowed. The grass is much taller than our front yard I guess the management couldn’t see it from the street.

Photo Scanning Services


September 06, 2012

Recently my husband has been talking about his old high school football films. I guess he just has that football itch, he gets it every year as the football season approaches. Problem is he cannot watch his old films as they are all on VHS.  We have not had a VCR player in years. Doug has talked about finding someplace to digitize his old film to CD-Rom’s and DVD’s. I was looking online to help him find a place that could do his digitizing. I found that place at Scan Digital does more then just movies. They also specialize in photos as well.

Whether you need video conversion, photo scanning services or photos to cd Scan Digital does it all. If you want photo scanning but were afraid of losing your original and personal content no worries. Scan Digital guarantees confidential and safe handling of all your material from pick up to delivery. I am excited to have all our old photos and videos digitized.

Delicious Ginataan


September 05, 2012

I had a lazy day today though I managed to cook Ginataan. Ginataan is a Filipino dish that we called porridge. I put ripe banana, sweet potatoes, tapioca (sago), vanilla, sugar, and coconut milk. This tastes so delicious, though my son Charles does not want to eat it. Anyway, tonight is the NFL kickoff between NY Giants, and Dallas Cowboys. I only watched half of the game because I had to watch Top Chef Masters. When Top Chef was over my husband decided to watch the Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton, is delivering the speech now and I think he is doing a great job on this convention.

I am Getting This Old?


September 01, 2012

Geez! I am really getting this old? Last night I kept on calling my sister in Hong Kong, thinking it was Sunday already. When I was in bed I realized it was only Saturday morning. I also had to call home to the Philippines to make sure everyone was OK after the earthquake. Oh well, today is the first day of the month and we are all excited. Charles’ birthday is on September 21st and he is very excited. Later this afternoon we are going to look at some cake designs and we are going to let him choose which designs he really likes. I know he wants a NASCAR cake decorations but I doubt it is going to be a design that we can get done.