Anderson Live


September 14, 2012

Does any of you watch Anderson Live on NBC? Well I did and I am not really a big fan of the new season of Anderson. First, I don’t think the set is as nice as the previous one. The giant screen is very low and the couch is covering it which you can’t see when you are watching the show. Everyday, Anderson has a guest co-host and none of them interest me much. I tried to watch my recorded show from Monday and it was very uninteresting. 

One of the guests, a mother and daughter from the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on TLC. Geez! I am so glad I recorded the show so I can skip the commercials and the annoying segments of the show. And on Tuesday, the “Tan Mom”, and her husband so I decided not to watch the rest of the week. I keep myself busy watching Disney Junior with my son, Charles and it was more fun and exciting as we sung along with the soundtrack of the shows.


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