AT&T Charging Us for Disconnected Internet Service


September 19, 2012

Nothing infuriates me more then when big companies like AT&T keep on sending monthly statement for the services that we have never owed. Before we moved into this house on the first day of July my husband cancelled our AT&T internet service last July 6, from our old house. And now, AT&T keeps on sending monthly statement from August 2, to September 1, for the amount of $99.66. Geez! This is very annoying. Our monthly payment was only $24.95 and now they are charging us $99.66 in advance for the disconnected service?

Of course every time my husband calls the customer service he has to go through the automated system before he can talk to a real customer service representative which is from India who barely understands English. I want this problem to be straightened out before the due date even though I am not willing to pay for the bill. Luckily, I still kept the previous bills we have from AT&T with our internet service. This kind of situation always irritates me when a big company like AT&T wants every penny we have in our pocket.


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