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September 16, 2012

I love my wonderful husband, Doug very much. My son, Charles as well loves his dad and is always upset when he is gone to work or to a wrestling tournament.  Doug though is not in the best health. Always a big guy, which helped him in football and wrestling, now he has developed Type II Diabetes. Doug has had diabetes for almost twenty years and he is just too heavy and not in good enough shape. Doug has fought for years to control his blood glucose level and as well his weight which is a primary cause of Type II Diabetes. Doug though has been doing better over the last year as he has finally found diet foods that he actually likes and is more motivated then ever. Doug really likes the Wonder Slim products that he has found online at the diet direct website. Along with a better diet though you need to also increase your activity level. Doug likes to walk along our local nature trail. It does not take running or lifting weights to help with your weight, just a little cardio goes a long way. Doug walks thirty minutes five times a week and it has improved his stamina by quite a bit.


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