Inside Cabela's


September 23, 2012

It is kind of sad that my husband’s sisters and their cousin are back in Missouri after Charles’ birthday. How I wish we lived closer so we can get to see them all the time. So we had our breakfast at Copeland’s and we all love the brunch buffet. As much as I want to eat more and enjoy my meal I couldn’t do it. Charles kept on saying he wasn’t feeling very good and was laying on the bench. On our way home Charles doesn’t want to go home and wants to go to the store. We droved back going to the mall and we went to Cabela‘s. Cabela’s is an outdoor shop and just opened at the end of August. We thought we could find something for Charles like shoes but we did not. On our way home we stopped at Academy Sports and Outdoors and found shoes for Charles that my husband and Charles both really liked. I really don’t like them because I had other shoes that I like for Charles. Oh well, it was Charles’ choice so that’s fine.


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