ARC Systems


October 25, 2012

If you are looking for the best in professional and business motors then ARC Systems Inc. is the perfect provider for your needs. ARC Systems builds many types of professional grade motors for your business needs. ARC systems develops and sells to many top business and government agencies. For example they make systems that are used in top military programs like fighter jets like the F-15 Eagle and the F-18 Hornet. 

As well as the military technology developed by ARC they provide systems to almost every major aerospace company as well.  Medical equipment like saws and other surgery equipment is also developed.  Whether you need a prototype or thousands of motors ARC is always there for your needs. Let’s face it if a company is chosen to make products for top hospitals as well as the government and military applications, you know that the products are not just well made but the best you can buy.

Charles is Surely Getting Tall

Charles is surely getting tall so Doug and I decided to get him a new bed. He has definitely outgrown his sleigh bed and his bed will be delivered on Saturday. Since Charles was 4 months old, I began to let him sleep in our bed until he was 3 years old and 10 months. It was around August of this year when Charles keep on saying he is going to sleep in his bed in September and he did. Charles found out it is already October in the computer and he wants to be back in sleeping in our bed which is quite humorous to us. Doug decided to let Charles sleep with us as Charles is going to sleep in his room in the next few days. I do love Charles sleep closer to our bedroom but his room is across the hallway. Every night I always check to make sure he’s covered up with his sheets and still breathing.

Energy Efficient Windows


October 22, 2012

If you are remodeling your home, replacement windows virginia beach has the widest selections for your door and window needs. Getting windows and doors installed in your home could save your utility bills as these products are energy efficient. Then windows are easy to clean up and most of all well worth of your money. If you are interested in buying any replacement windows financing options are available to you.

Cooking No Delight Magazine


October 20, 2012

I love getting freebies but sometimes it can be a little irritating to me. Just a couple of weeks ago, I began using my husband’s my coke rewards points for magazine subscription. I like cooking, so I have decided to subscribed Cooking Light, and Bon Appetite Magazines for one year. For the month of September, I got both copies of these magazines for the month of October. When I checked on the mail today, I got a notice from Cooking Light about my account renewal. What in the world? I only have one copy from Cooking Light magazine and now they want me to renew my account? 

When I checked my account online I noticed date of last issue mailed on November 2012 and my expiration issue is August 1, 2013. This seems to me the company is charging in advance to their customers way ahead of time. I can’t be lure of extra 10% off discount upon my Cooking Light renewal. What if something wrong happen to me or to other customers? Its clearly a good profit to the company in the long run. I would definitely not renew this subscription again even though I have rewards points to spend for this magazine. I would rather subscribe to other magazines but not this one anymore.

A Very Tough Night


October 16, 2012

We all had a very tough night specially Charles with his cold and runny nose. Last night, he threw up in our bed and he couldn’t get back to sleep. It was early this morning when he fell back to sleep, he slept until 10:30 this morning. As for me I have not been sleeping very well for over the last few years now and it is my biggest problem. I have been taking sleeping pills though none of the medicine that I took has helped me so I decided not to take any medicine now. Anyway, I had a very busy day today. I rinsed his bear, pumpkin pillow, bed sheets and pillow cases where Charles threw up before I put them inside the washer. 

I’m glad I soaked it first in the tub so it was easy for me to get the foods out. As a mother it is really difficult for me to see my son get sick. He didn’t eat very much today at least though he’s still very active which is a good thing. I want Charles to feel better soon before my husband attends the coaches meeting this Saturday in Russellville. Oh well, I am really tired today and I also have a headache. Lots of clothes to fold and it looks like these clothes will be in the laundry basket for now.

Charles' Drawing


October 12, 2012

Yesterday, Charles and I were in the computer room and I was checking our bills in the mail. Charles asked for some paper and he said he wants to make a story book. I gave him a couple of bond paper sheets and he drew some fish and his family. I cried when I saw his drawing “His Family”. It is very cute and I am going to buy a frame for it. 

Charles' Family

Charles' Fish Underwater

When I was his age now I had no idea what crayons were; or draw anything as far as I can remember. I got my crayons when I was in Grade 1 and I had to make sure I really took good care of them. With Charles just turned 4 in September is very remarkable. He can read sentences, count 1 to 100, and also knows the alphabetical sound and phonetics sound. He can also do some addition and subtraction on the computer.

Great Looking Mailboxes and Address Plaques


October 09, 2012

Whether you are looking for a variety of mailboxes, address plaques, personalized home and garden decor, is the store you need. They offer a very large variety of Whitehall Products that’s perfect for every home without breaking your budget. For a great looking address signs or custom house address plaques I have found the perfect spot for your shopping needs. These accessories make your house look beautiful and stylish. 

Any house signs makes a great addition to the overall appearance and personality of your home. We have a community mailbox system where we live but I cannot wait to add a house and street address sign to our home. We already have a very nice front door mat. I cannot wait to see how our house looks with the new improvements we are making. I am also planning on planting flowers next spring around the front and side our house.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The weather is getting cooler everyday and tomorrow it is going to rain on us. So my husband decided to eat Chicken Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich for dinner. Usually he makes his own sandwich but tonight I decided to make it for the first time in almost five years. It looked pretty good and my husband really liked it a lot. I guess he just want to let me hear it so next time I am going to make it for him. Just kidding. And for my dinner I decided to cook fried milkfish, taro leaves vegetable (Dahon ng Gabi) and rice of course. Dried fish like Sap-sap, or Galungong are the perfect pair of the vegetable but I could not find anything at the Asian stores this week.

Facebook Charging for the Posted Link?


October 07, 2012

The weather has definitely changed over the last few days now. It has been raining and totally cold outside. I can’t wait to have warm weather this week. My son, Charles has been wanting to play football and can’t wait to wear his football jersey. Charles also wants to have a picnic in our backyard once the weather gets warmer. Anyway, the other day I posted a link on my Facebook and noticed Facebook was charging me for about $7 in promoting the link in my account. What in the world? I have never had this kind of issue in the past so I had decided to deactivated my account and created a new one. So far every thing is doing well. I posted a link yesterday and I didn’t see any window wherein I have to pay for promoting the link.

Custom Banners

My husband, Doug is a wrestling coach. He is getting himself a new banner for his team this year. Custom banners is a great way to advertise your business or organization. Doug uses his team banner to sell ads to local business as a fundraiser for his team. The businesses get a pretty cheap way to show their support of the local school while the wrestling team uses the funds for travel or uniform needs.

NASCAR Race in Talladega

My husband, Doug and I are planning to drive down to Beaver Lake over the weekend to see the trees. It is really amazing how the trees change their colors during the Fall Season. Some of the trees that we had seen over the last few days now had already changed their colors. So far the trees at the back of our fence have not changed their colors. I’m sure all the leaves will turn out to be beautiful as well. Oh well another week ahead of us and I really don’t like when my husband goes to work especially on Monday. He always getting back home a little late because they always have Professional Development meetings. Oh my god we were watching NASCAR in Talladega, and they really had a very bad wrecked on the last lap.

My Favorites Totes Handbags


October 06, 2012

Hey guys! What do you think of these Totes Handbags? Aren’t they cute and fabulous? I do really love the Totes Handbags right now so I am planning to order these online. Though I need to wait for these bags because they are out of stock. Just in time I can save some money before I buy any of them.

IFA Auto Insurance Stop Distracted Driving


October 04, 2012

It scares me every time I see someone on the road using a cell phone while driving. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen and it can take someone’s life and that is very scary. My husband uses his cell phone all the time, even while driving. Texting, talking, and playing games on the phone while driving and it scares me all the time. He knows that I don’t like it when he is using his cell phone every time he’s behind the wheel but he always say; he’s paying attention to the road. 

Today insurance companies like, IFA Auto Insurance are taking a stand to stop distracted driving on the road. They are offering rates to safe drivers that makes a real difference on your premium. They also are actively campaigning and informing people of the dangers of distracted driving. It is your choice to be a part of the problem or to be part of solving the problem. 

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

My Newest Satchel Handbag, The Nile


October 01, 2012

I had ordered this Satchel Handbag at JUSTFAB the other night and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. I am really excited how the bag will really look like. I got the satchel handbag, The Nile for only $19 plus free shipping which is a great deal. It’s really great to shop online. I can find amazing deals plus I earned rewards points when I shop online.