A Very Tough Night


October 16, 2012

We all had a very tough night specially Charles with his cold and runny nose. Last night, he threw up in our bed and he couldn’t get back to sleep. It was early this morning when he fell back to sleep, he slept until 10:30 this morning. As for me I have not been sleeping very well for over the last few years now and it is my biggest problem. I have been taking sleeping pills though none of the medicine that I took has helped me so I decided not to take any medicine now. Anyway, I had a very busy day today. I rinsed his bear, pumpkin pillow, bed sheets and pillow cases where Charles threw up before I put them inside the washer. 

I’m glad I soaked it first in the tub so it was easy for me to get the foods out. As a mother it is really difficult for me to see my son get sick. He didn’t eat very much today at least though he’s still very active which is a good thing. I want Charles to feel better soon before my husband attends the coaches meeting this Saturday in Russellville. Oh well, I am really tired today and I also have a headache. Lots of clothes to fold and it looks like these clothes will be in the laundry basket for now.


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