Charles' Drawing


October 12, 2012

Yesterday, Charles and I were in the computer room and I was checking our bills in the mail. Charles asked for some paper and he said he wants to make a story book. I gave him a couple of bond paper sheets and he drew some fish and his family. I cried when I saw his drawing “His Family”. It is very cute and I am going to buy a frame for it. 

Charles' Family

Charles' Fish Underwater

When I was his age now I had no idea what crayons were; or draw anything as far as I can remember. I got my crayons when I was in Grade 1 and I had to make sure I really took good care of them. With Charles just turned 4 in September is very remarkable. He can read sentences, count 1 to 100, and also knows the alphabetical sound and phonetics sound. He can also do some addition and subtraction on the computer.


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