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October 20, 2012

I love getting freebies but sometimes it can be a little irritating to me. Just a couple of weeks ago, I began using my husband’s my coke rewards points for magazine subscription. I like cooking, so I have decided to subscribed Cooking Light, and Bon Appetite Magazines for one year. For the month of September, I got both copies of these magazines for the month of October. When I checked on the mail today, I got a notice from Cooking Light about my account renewal. What in the world? I only have one copy from Cooking Light magazine and now they want me to renew my account? 

When I checked my account online I noticed date of last issue mailed on November 2012 and my expiration issue is August 1, 2013. This seems to me the company is charging in advance to their customers way ahead of time. I can’t be lure of extra 10% off discount upon my Cooking Light renewal. What if something wrong happen to me or to other customers? Its clearly a good profit to the company in the long run. I would definitely not renew this subscription again even though I have rewards points to spend for this magazine. I would rather subscribe to other magazines but not this one anymore.


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