IFA Auto Insurance Stop Distracted Driving


October 04, 2012

It scares me every time I see someone on the road using a cell phone while driving. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen and it can take someone’s life and that is very scary. My husband uses his cell phone all the time, even while driving. Texting, talking, and playing games on the phone while driving and it scares me all the time. He knows that I don’t like it when he is using his cell phone every time he’s behind the wheel but he always say; he’s paying attention to the road. 

Today insurance companies like, IFA Auto Insurance are taking a stand to stop distracted driving on the road. They are offering rates to safe drivers that makes a real difference on your premium. They also are actively campaigning and informing people of the dangers of distracted driving. It is your choice to be a part of the problem or to be part of solving the problem. 

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
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