Audition Coach


November 20, 2012

As a mother to a 4 year old son, Charles I really want what’s the best for him. Giving our kids the tools that they need to succeed in life is the greatest thing that every parent could ever give to their child. My husband Doug and I are not very pushy when it comes to our son and we want him to choose on the things that he really likes to do. Though I would love for him to enroll in things like singing and dancing classes as I know he likes those kinds of activities. 

I am interested about toronto singing auditions as a great step for Charles to show of his talents. Audition Coach provides coaching services to any person who are interested in joining the music industry. Doug though a wrestling and football coach too fully supports Charles in whatever he likes to do. Having a professional organization can really help make the contacts that are needed for success in the entertainment field.


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