I Don't Get Any Tasks


November 05, 2012

It has been a couple of days that I don’t get any tasks from publishing sites where I submit my blogs. The publishing site that’s very consistent in assigning tasks for my blogs was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Though I was able to get grab bags for one of my blogs though still I need more tasks for my other blogs. Oh well, what do you think of this time change? For me, I really don’t like it because days are longer than nights and my husband gets home a little later now that wrestling season is here. Just tonight, he got back home at 7 o’clock and I was worried because I knew his wrestling practice was done at 5:30. Till the kids got picked up with their parents should be around 6 o’clock. 

Though tonight was different I kept on calling his phone about 5 times and it leaving messages on his voicemail. I was about to call of my sisters-in-law whether they called Doug or not. Of course when your calling somebody and couldn’t answer your call makes someone worried which I did. I already told him in the past whether he need to drive a kid back home or late from practice he should call me so I will not keep on waiting and not to worry where he is.


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