Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


November 12, 2012

It’s more than a week to go and we will be in Kansas City for Thanksgiving. I am going to make Spring Rolls so I need to go to the Asian store this Sunday. Aside from Thanksgiving I am also looking forward to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. All the floats are decorated and I am amazed how they put it together to make the pretty ones. The other thing I am looking forward to when visiting Kansas City is going to the Asian stores. One of the store is owned by Filipino and I love the store. They have Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise Sandwich Spread which is my favorite one. Hopefully they have it in stock when I visit the store and dried fish (Galungong and Sapsap) as well. 

There’s also a Chinese Restaurant that I really like and Terrace Buffet inside Argosy Casino. Oh well, I need to make a list for the things that we are going to take with us. Of course, my son Charles is way more excited to pack his own stuff. Every day he keep on asking when are we going to pack our clothes and he won’t stop from asking. Anyway, what do you think about the cold weather now? Geez my husband is loving it though Charles and I are looking forward to have snow this year. Last year, we only had 3 inches of snow and it melted right away on the ground. Charles is looking forward to make a snow angel and so am I.


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