So Many Candies Left


November 01, 2012

Yesterday, I told Doug to stop by Walmart to get more candies as I thought we did not have enough for the kids. I realized we are very lucky to celebrate Halloween with my family unlike those areas affected by hurricane Sandy. I am very thankful we are not affected by the horrendous weather. Around 5:30 in the afternoon I let Charles wear his Halloween Costume and he really liked it a lot. Though he kept on complaining “This is taking so long”, while we are waiting to get dark. Before we left the house a mom and her 2 kids came by the house for trick or treating. At 7 o’clock we went outside the house and saw our neighborhood in darkness.

Only two houses who had their lights on so Doug decided to drive around into our old neighborhood. Charles got his Halloween basket about half full and I will not let him eat all of them. I know he loves eating sweets just like his dad and it scares me the most. Anyway, after we got back home from trick or treating only two kids came by and I gave each kid a handful of candies. Geez we have so many candies left and I told Doug to take it to school and give it to the kids.


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