Two Days Until Christmas Day


December 23, 2012

Only two days away until Christmas Day and I know we are all looking forward to opening our Christmas gifts from our loved ones. Surely Charles is going to have all the presents that he really wanted for Christmas from us and all from his aunts. Growing up we never really had gifts to open on Christmas Day and birthdays. Well, on tomorrow’s Christmas Eve we are going to attend a family game night and I am going to cook spaghetti. Everybody loves to eat spaghetti but I am not sure whether they are going to eat my spaghetti.

Anyway, the weather here in Missouri has been very cold. Tonight while we were driving around town to see the Christmas lights the temperature was 28 degrees. Way much colder even though Charles and I are all bundled up.

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We Were Both Sick


December 17, 2012

It has been a couple of days that I have not updated this blog. This doesn’t mean I was too lazy to blog but over the last few weeks now Doug and I had been sick. We’re just exchanging back and forth. The day that I am feeling better then Doug is sick. When Doug is not sick I am the one who is sick. But last night, we were both sick I don’t know why. Thankfully Charles has been feeling very well despite us being sick most of the times. Hopefully we are all feeling so much better by Christmas. We are going to visit my husband’s sisters for the holiday. 

On Christmas Eve, there’s a family get together and we usually play games and food of course. For Christmas Eve, I am planning to cook spaghetti or make spring rolls. It’s always in my mind when I cook food and other people will eat makes me worry a little bit. What if someone gets sick aka food poisoning? Geez I never use monosodium glutamate or msg when I cook food for other people. I am the only one who eats food with monosodium glutamate.

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Not Feeling Very Well


December 09, 2012

Over the last couple days Doug has not been feeling very well and it worries me. Last night while he is sitting on the couch he looked pale and kind of warm on his forehead. His right ear was ringing and felt dizzy when he got up to get his phone in the bedroom. We spoke to all of his sisters about his condition and of course I asked him whether he need to go to the emergency room and he said he’s fine. During bedtime I was about to let Charles sleep in our bed when I realized Doug has been coughing and I don’t want Charles to get sick as well. 

While in Charles’ room I kept checking Doug in our bedroom to make sure he’s still breathing. I was worried he might have heart attack knock on wood. When someone is sick in the family how I wish we lived closer with his sisters. Its just difficult for me specially I don‘t have my driver‘s license. Now that I am more interested to practice in driving Doug is busy with wrestling season. He always gets home at night or later than that when they have tournament. Doug is very happy teaching here in Arkansas and the wrestling program is doing well which makes him happy. The wrestling parents are very supportive with the program which I did not see in the last school where Doug coaches at.

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Charles' NASCAR Presents


December 07, 2012

My husband had ordered 2 NASCAR Cars for Charles before Thanksgiving as one of his Christmas presents. I was a bit worried why it took so long for the items to arrived in our house. Finally today it was inside our mailbox. When I checked the package from NASCAR I noticed our house number is mixed up. 

No wonder it took couple of weeks before the cars arrived. Charles presents are already wrapped and they looked cute just like my baby. I attached a ribbon to look more special and Charles is going to love it when he open the tiny presents from his dad.

Charles' Christmas Present Jeep Wrangler


December 03, 2012

Have you started shopping for Christmas presents? Me, I have not yet started any Christmas shopping though my husband already bought some stuff for Charles hopefully it will arrive this week in the mail. Doug ordered 2 NASCAR Cars and a customized Racetrack 500 that’s already wrapped. Charles does really like NASCAR Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Trucks. He has tons of those and I am planning to take some picture sometime when I feel like sorting all his toys in the tub. Just yesterday, Charles got his huge present, Fisher-Price Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler Battery-Powered Ride-On, from all of his aunts and uncles. 

I already wrapped the present and he is going to open it before we visit his aunts for Christmas. I am not really so sure whether Charles can wait to open his presents before Christmas as he’s been eyeing it already. As a mother to Charles I really don’t know what to give to him for Christmas. He already have tons of toys and clothes for his age so I don‘t know what to buy.

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December 01, 2012

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