Not Feeling Very Well


December 09, 2012

Over the last couple days Doug has not been feeling very well and it worries me. Last night while he is sitting on the couch he looked pale and kind of warm on his forehead. His right ear was ringing and felt dizzy when he got up to get his phone in the bedroom. We spoke to all of his sisters about his condition and of course I asked him whether he need to go to the emergency room and he said he’s fine. During bedtime I was about to let Charles sleep in our bed when I realized Doug has been coughing and I don’t want Charles to get sick as well. 

While in Charles’ room I kept checking Doug in our bedroom to make sure he’s still breathing. I was worried he might have heart attack knock on wood. When someone is sick in the family how I wish we lived closer with his sisters. Its just difficult for me specially I don‘t have my driver‘s license. Now that I am more interested to practice in driving Doug is busy with wrestling season. He always gets home at night or later than that when they have tournament. Doug is very happy teaching here in Arkansas and the wrestling program is doing well which makes him happy. The wrestling parents are very supportive with the program which I did not see in the last school where Doug coaches at.


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