On Selmer Mouthpieces


December 22, 2013

My son, Charles is a music wiz and we have purchased him many instruments one of my favorite instruments we have not exposed Charles to yet is the saxophone. When Charles does get a chance at a saxophone we will make sure to get him good selmer mouthpieces to play with. Only the best of instruments and accessories are what I want for my son.

Homemade Banana Bread


December 15, 2013

With my son, Charles being a picky eater his leftovers just go to the trash can. Just a few days ago, I got Charles some bananas and he only ate two of them. The rest had turned black so instead of tossing them away I made banana bread out of them. The banana bread tasted really good though I can not share the recipe. Measuring ingredients is not my thing but I always make sure to taste it first to get the taste just the way I wanted.

The Swiss Colony Chocolates


December 01, 2013

It was very nice of my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law, Mildred, to gave me a box of, The Swiss Colony chocolates. The chocolate looks delicious and I can’t wait to taste them.

Of Letting Their Kids Go


November 30, 2013

I can count my fingers how many times I left Charles, and today was one of those days. Since my hubby is not feeling very well, I went to Walmart by myself and I did not take Charles with me for grocery shopping. Though it broke my heart when I heard Charles say; mommy I want to go with you. Shopping with Charles is very difficult when just the two of us are going shopping. 

As soon as he gets what he really wanted from the store, all he wants to do is go home right away. So today, I spent about  two hours at Walmart without worrying about my boys with me. With Charles going to school next year we definitely need to start separating from each other for about a couple of hours so we can get used to it. 

Every mom out there always has problems of letting their kids go and I am going to be one of them. Doug always asked me what I am going to do when Charles goes to school, I always said, I don’t know, but I am sure I need to find something to keep me busy.

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Charles Indy Car Tickets


November 22, 2013

Today, one of my husband’s wrestlers at school invited him to watched, The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, at school and I thought it was alright. I have never been to a stage play since I came here in the United States of America so tonight was an opportunity to try out. Besides, the father of his wrestler is very involved when it comes to wrestling activities at school. 

Though Charles thought it was boring, but he always clapped his hands during the show which was very funny. Then we went to Walmart to get our grocery shopping as the weather tomorrow is going to get nasty. The weather today is very cold with rain showers and it is going to be the same within the next few days. Anyway, have you started your holiday decorating already? As for me, we are all excited to put up our Christmas Tree before the typhoon Haiyan, came. 

But now, I don’t feel like decorating anymore knowing my family back home in the Philippines are affected by typhoon Haiyan. We lost our home and building a new one could take longer specially when money is involved. Its always a misconception when someone is married to a US Citizen, and people always think the guy is rich even when it is not just like my husband. 

Oh well, since Charles, saw the commercial on television of Command products he thinks that we need to decorate. I know how excited he is and we are going to put up our Christmas Tree when we get back after Thanksgiving. He is also looking forward to Thanksgiving so he can race Indy Car with his aunts. He also made his tickets and it cost $100 so he can save the money for his Honda, Van. Geez! His tickets are very expensive for his Indy Car race.

Carpet Cleaners

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Are You Loving This Fall Weather?


November 03, 2013

I do really love this time of the year. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is just a month away. Holiday decorating is one of my favorite things to do and Charles was very excited when I told him we are going to put our Christmas Tree up today. I guess I should have not told him about putting our Christmas Tree up as he was too excited and wanted to help really bad. Then I decided we are going to wait when my hubby is around so he can help as well. My hubby always complained when I put the Christmas Tree up and he didn’t get to help. It is a family thing and he always wants to be a part of it as well. 

But anyway, are you loving this Fall weather so far? I am. The trees are very pretty to look at specially the leaves changes their colors. It makes me feel very lucky to enjoy the beauty of nature. When my hubby is not too busy with the Wrestling Camp we would definitely drive down to Beaver Lake just to look at the trees. Driving down to Beaver Lake area is breathtaking and our new, Ford Mustang, will be great to drive down there.

A Very Tiring Weekend


October 22, 2013

I had a very tiring weekend from all the driving back and forth to Columbia, Missouri just to watch the Football game between the Missouri Tigers, and Florida Gators. It was a great game and Mizzou ended up winning the game. It was also Charles, first college Football game and he had a great time seeing his favorite team, Florida Gators. Though he fell asleep for about 30 minutes during the game as he woke up at 5 in the morning. I told him we needed to get up early but I was not expecting we will be up that early. 

I guess he was just too excited just like when we watched the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Kansas City and he fell asleep as well. Then my hubby took us to see the State Capital at Jefferson City and the buildings has great architectural designs. How I wish we could spend more time and look around the city but we don’t have enough time.

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Charles Wants A Honda Van


October 16, 2013

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but he already knows what kind of car he’s going to get when turns 16 years old. Geez! I hope when he’s 16 he will change his mind on what car that he wants. For some unknown reason he wants a Honda Van. I don’t know what’s with Honda Van but that’s what Charles has been infatuated with lately. He gets excited every time he sees a Honda Van on the highway or even in the parking lot. 

Aside from Honda Vans Charles, also wants a disco house with disco furniture. At least though Charles knows what he really wants for his future unlike me when I was his age. I had no idea what I wanted when I grew up when I was 5. Just today when Charles spoke with his Aunt Cheryl, he told her to buy UNO at the store so she can learn and practice how to play the game which was a smart idea as Charles loves playing UNO.

Fine Printing Shop

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I Wasn't Feeling Very Well


October 01, 2013

When you are following my blog you know that I have not posted any updates for my 3 blogs. I wasn’t feeling very well and I don’t feel like posting any updates on my whereabouts. Not getting any tasks to work with is very frustrating plus not getting all the payments that I am suppose to get is very annoying. 

Well, today is the first day of the month and before we know this month will be over in a snap.  I am though really looking forward to Halloween though Charles has not decided what to wear.  I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing all of our family again.

My Free Amber Blush


September 09, 2013

I am so loving my free Amber Blush eau de toilette from Bath & Body Works I got yesterday for free. Yes its free and smells really good. Getting stuff for free is awesome!

A month ago, I also got free Sweet and Sexy Lotion from Bath & Body Works. These lotions are very smooth and smells great.

Great Hotel Bar Supplies


August 25, 2013

Doug’s friend, Dave and his wife Cindy are off as I type this on a trip to go diving. We talked with them tonight and they are so happy with their hotel/resort. Having a great experience in a hotel is sure to bring back customers and gain new ones through reviews and word of mouth. To get the customer response you want make sure to have all the amenities that they could ever want by using PeachSuite Hotel Supply

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Keep It Real And Keep It Simple


August 21, 2013

With several magazines to read every month it is very enticing to be able to see what is featured on every page. But sorry I am not the type of person that will buy right away if I see something on a magazine page or see something on television. When I really want an item, I will have to keep on thinking about it before I buy. I picture myself whether it will be good to look at on me or not. Lately, every time I watch on television I notice every stylist is pushing what’s hot for the summer, fall, and even holidays. 

Geez! Every individual is different in shape and sizes. Not all the trends, styles, and beauty products you read on the magazines or see on television will also look good on you. We each have our own personality and we don‘t need to keep up what‘s the latest trends all the time. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable will make you feel good inside and out. Keep it real and keep it simple and you will be confident and happy with yourself.

Airline Tickets Are Very Expensive


August 20, 2013

It has been a long time that I have not visited back to the Philippines. Of course, we would love to visit hopefully next year when Charles most famous question is not being ask anymore. Are we there yet? I want to go back home. Since we are planning to visit to the Philippines, I have been browsing on the web looking for airline tickets. Geez! The airline tickets are very expensive plus hotel accommodation. We really need to cut back on eating at the restaurants so we can save some money for this trip. 

Aside from that, I am also reluctant of my son being a picky eater. Charles is very particular with the foods that he eats so this could be a problem when we visit back home to the Philippines. He likes to eat Chicken Adobo, Pancit (Yellow Noodles) and Chicken Stew (Nilaga). When it comes to Pizza, he only likes Pepperoni. Fries from McDonalds and Burrito from Taco Bell that’s it. Just the other day, I had coffee for breakfast with condensed milk as a creamer and Charles doesn’t like it as he only likes black coffee without cream. 

As a mom, I really worry about his eating habits though when I see obese kids it makes me think not to worry at all. Maybe when he gets older he will be interested in trying a variety of foods to eat instead of eating sweets alone.

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I Barely Post New Updates


August 12, 2013

If you follow my blog you know that I barely post new updates. This doesn’t mean that I am too lazy to blog but I just don’t feel like doing it. Not getting some tasks to work with from my favorite publishing site this year is very disappointing. Plus the fact, the task that kept on showing on my blog lists always show on the duplicate URL that I had in my iPhone but not on the computer. I have already uninstalled the app but still the duplicate URL is still showing on my iPhone. Of course this is very frustrating. How can I cash out when I am no longer getting any tasks especially when they change the payment threshold to $50 dollars? Unlike last year, wherein I can get 2-3 tasks for my 3 blogs from my favorite publishing site alone. 

Anyway, how are you enjoying your summer break? For me, my hubby is back to school today though the kids will be back next week. Charles already missed his dad and it is going to be a long day for him to get back home after work. With Charles’ age now is the time wherein he doesn’t like when his father is not around.

My Homemade Chunky Cookies


August 05, 2013

Baking has always been my favorite thing to do so I want to share what I baked for my boys this afternoon.

Here’s the ingredients:

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
2/3 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
2 cups flour
1 ¼ tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 package Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks (11.5 oz)

1 Preheat oven to 350 F
2 In a large bowl, cream butter and both sugars until well blended. Add the egg and vanilla extract and mix to combine.
3 In a separate bowl, sift the flour, baking soda and salt together. Slowly add these ingredients into the butter mixture and stir until combined.
4 Fold in Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks and chill the dough for 1 hour.
5 Drop dough by rounded tablespoons onto a lightly greased tray, about 2 inches apart.
6 Bake for 8-10 minutes for chewy cookies or 12-14 for crispy cookies.

Memory Foam Bed For Cats


July 27, 2013

It always amazes me how much Americans treat their pets as members of their family. While growing up in the Philippines we had cats and dogs but they never were nearly as pampered as those here in the United States. A good friend of ours recently purchased a special cat bed. The bed is a memory foam bed much like our son Charles has. The cat loves his bed and that makes his owners very happy.

Its Just Like A Boring Day Today

Its just like a boring day today. Did nothing except teaching Charles how to drive his bicycle without training wheels in the garage. Though when he saw a tiny spider in the garage Charles freaked out. Charles and his dad are afraid of spiders so whenever there is spider its always me who takes care of it. But sometimes I scare my hubby by throwing the spider onto him and he gets really scared. 

I’ve never seen someone who’s so scared of spiders in the past so every time I scare Doug with a spider it makes me laugh so hard. Well, how was your day today? As for me, it was a very good day to start with until my hubby irritates the hell out of me. Who would be happy when your husband is gone for a couple of hours playing a Magic Tournament and couldn’t even send a text that he will be gone for so long? 

Doug is a huge gamer. In fact, he has plenty of Magic Cards that he had been messing with them the last two months now. NCAA Football is another game on his X-Box that Charles likes to play along when his dad is playing the game. So Charles and I were waiting for him to get home so we can go to the store to get our groceries. And when I was taking my shower Charles told me that he called his dad and I freaked out. 

Maybe he called other numbers in my contacts or dialed 911 so I asked what else he does on my phone. Doug and I never really had a conversation with Charles about dialing 911 when there is an emergency at home. But this type of conversation needs to be discussed with him just in case of emergency.

Affordable Guitar Wall Hanger


July 25, 2013

As followers of my blog know my son, Charles loves music and has many instruments. He also is a typical 4 year old and his room at times becomes very crowded by his drum set, cars and sports equipment. Recently we purchased an affordable guitar wall hanger at musicians friend. The hanger was just a little over $10 and has made Charles’ acoustic guitar much safer then his old floor guitar stand.

I Though Do Not Like Letting Go

Whether you are watching the news on television or reading on the internet we all have seen a couple of accidents regarding train derailments and plane crashes on the runway. Over the past few years now, I have been planning on visiting back to the Philippines though seeing these plane crashes on television makes me a little bit worried. Before I was not fearful until I had my son, Charles. 

I know worry about everything that could possibly go wrong and that’s what I am most afraid of. Traveling back to the Philippines is a very long trip on the plane and who knows if the pilot is on training? Just like what had happened with Asiana Airlines recently. Being a mom with my son really changes everything about the way I see the world now. Fear is my biggest weakness but Doug always says; you can‘t live your life with fear. 

I though do not like letting go on small things when it comes to Charles so I have to do it for him. I remember a couple of weeks ago when Charles and I did sand artwork and I did it myself instead of letting Charles do it by himself. Charles helped me do the sand artwork but I want it to be perfect so I had decided to make it my way. As I thought about it makes me feel really bad. 

I should let Charles do his own stuff and appreciate more for what he has done. So now when Charles is doing some artwork like coloring, and cutting papers I’ll let him work on his own way and be there to support him. Well, if you read my blogs you know that I have not renewed my passport and I would love to do it in the Fall. Driving down to Chicago is not ideal specially at this time of the year. 

Summertime makes drivers more antsy on the highway and traffic gets really bad. Being stacked on the traffic is not fun at all and Doug is not a big fan either.

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Got My Permit To Drive


July 12, 2013

I am very proud of myself today. I passed the written drivers test and got my permit to drive. I never thought I could pass the test today as I have not finished reading the, Arkansas Driver License Study Guide. And yesterday when I took the practice test on the computer I failed the test once so I was very happy when I passed the test and the vision test as well. Now, that I have a permit to drive, I can drive the car when we go for our grocery shopping at Walmart. 

Though Charles doesn’t like the idea of me driving the car when his father told him today. But it was so sweet of Charles when he said; I’m so happy for you, you passed the test. How easy it was to get things done like getting my permit in one day and not making me come back the next day made me feel very happy. The application process was very smooth though we waited and stood outside until the office resume at 1 o’clock. 

The staff are very accommodating to the applicants which was very nice from them and they had smiles on their faces. Well, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the temperature was in the 90’s and it was very warm and sunny today. Thank God, we have nothing to do outside the house over the weekend and we can just relax inside the house. I can’t stand being outside for so long nor working in the garage. It is just very hot for me even though Doug always says; I grew up in the tropics.

All You Need Is Stair Lifts

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I Am Undecided


July 01, 2013

Only 3 days left before the 4th of July and I am undecided whether I will go to Springfield, Missouri with Doug, or rather stay at home. Driving for about 2 hours back and forth is not fun during late at night. Though on our last trip driving back home from visiting my sister’s-in-law for about 6 hours didn’t seem liked that long. Charles fortunately never asked his famous question; Are we there yet? Seeing trucks and flags had kept him busy most of our trip which was a good thing. 

But anyhow, today was such a beautiful day. I drove the car and we all went to the playground nearby. Its amazing how Charles really enjoyed going up and down on the slides. As for me, I do not like the big slides and prefer the smaller ones. Charles though goes on all the slides no matter how high.

No Longer Getting Any Tasks


June 22, 2013

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blogs. I am just kind of very disappointed that I am no longer getting any tasks to work with. Though the other day, I got some grab bags but there were problems with the anchor texts and the payout rate was very low. I don’t mind accepting tasks with payout rates of $7.50 as long as the anchor texts are working. And the advertiser won’t keep on asking for a bunch of changes. It was kind of irritating so I had to declined the grab bags for my 2 blogs. 

At least though there is one publishing site that never forgets to include my blogs when they assign tasks to me. Anyway, I have been thinking of getting my passport this summer but it looks like we will have to wait to the Fall. I don’t like driving when the weather is very hot just like when we drove the other day. The only good thing when we drove was when Doug and I never heard Charles asked his famous question; are we there yet?

It Wasn't A Roarsome Trip


June 10, 2013

I occasionally eat midnight snacks and last night was one of those nights. So we drove down to Taco Bell in Lowell as Doug thought it was faster than the other one. He just hates hitting all the stop lights. Well, when we were at the drive thru area there were 4 cars in front of us aside from the cars that were already at the window waiting for their orders. Another 3 cars behind us and 2 cars left that couldn’t wait any longer. 

Anyway, the person that’s about to order in the drive thru was drunk and it really took so long. So I guess someone called the police to check up on the drunk person as 3 police cars came to Taco Bell. The lady can barely walk into the police car and she was handcuffed and we left. At first I was really nervous as I had no idea what’s going on when I saw the police cars came by. I thought their target are the teenagers next to the drunk lady and would shoot towards the policemen. It wasn’t a roarsome (from Henry Hugglemonster) trip as Charles always says. At least though Charles ate all of his burrito which was a good thing for him to try eating other foods.

Interactive Whiteboards


June 01, 2013

My husband, Doug is a teacher and he has a interactive smartboard in his class at school. Traditional and newer interactive whiteboards are not the future of education and business they are the now in education and business. If you are looking for or considering these boards you need the correct accessories. You will need standsandmounts interactive whiteboard tools and installation hardware.

I Cooked Pancit

Now that I have a family of my own, cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Today, I cooked Pancit and paired it with White Bread. Hmmm it tasted really good. It is one of my favorite dishes to cook though Charles doesn’t like this type of noodles. He prefers the yellow ones just like the ones at the Chinese restaurants. Since Doug is watching his food intake to lower his blood sugar, noodles are not good for him as well. This Pancit will last for days and its good as leftovers. 

Aside from cooking Filipino dishes I am planning to make my homemade Pandesal. I already have my ingredients and hopefully I can make it tomorrow morning as my breakfast. Pandesal are perfect with coffee and Charles likes coffee as well instead of hot chocolate or orange juice.

Help Your Bottom Line


May 28, 2013

 If you are the owner of a business but are not sure on how an online business can help your bottom line, there are ways to easily find the answers to your questions. The internet is a vast supply of potential customers sitting right at your fingertips. For the internet to be successful there are many things needed that many business owners do not think of. You cannot just make a good site, having great products or even great prices for a successful online business. 

What you need first and foremost is traffic. You need to have a way to bring customers to your site. This is no different then getting customers in the door of your retail business. You cannot sell to those who do not know you exist. The best way to get traffic is by getting your links  into customers hands or onto their computer screens or smart phones. 

It's Been A Difficult Week


May 16, 2013

It's been a difficult week for all of us. My son, Charles has not been feeling very well. He's been coughing lately and has thrown up two nights in a row in the middle of the night. It has really been difficult to see my son when he gets sick though he doesn't mind taking his medicine which is good for him. I hope he feels so much better over the weekend so he can enjoy watching the NASCAR Truck Race and NASCAR Sprint Cup. His favorite NASCAR driver, Brad Keselowski is racing the Truck Camping World Series and is driving his truck in the blue paint scheme which is one of Charles’ favorite color. 

Last night, while I was watching the NBA Playoffs between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, I asked him what team color he wanted to win and he said white which was the Miami Heat team uniform. Well, it was a great night for the Miami Heat. One of the basketball teams that I don't mind watching during the playoffs along with the LA Lakers. Anyway, tomorrow is High School graduation where my husband, Doug teaches at. Though he still has to go back to school next week and one day after Memorial Day. I'm still amazed on how schools are run here in the U.S. compared to the Philippines. 

Anyhow, we are looking forward for the weekend. NASCAR Racing is always part of our weekend and we never realized we all loved watching the race. Watching NASCAR Races would be great for Charles, Doug, and I especially when our favorite NASCAR drivers win races.

Beef Stew


May 07, 2013

As a mother I want the best for my son, Charles. Being a picky eater it drives me crazy especially when I cook the food just for him and when the food is ready he won’t eat it. Though he has favorite foods to eat with soup and rice like Adobo, Chicken, and Beef Stew. The other day, I cooked Beef Stew and Charles ate a lot of rice with soup. Charles doesn’t like to eat meat and vegetables so I am very happy every time he eats rice for his meal. Beef Stew is very easy to cook and it taste so delicious. 

Cockburn and Associate LLP


May 03, 2013

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My Rotisserie Chicken


May 01, 2013

Yesterday, I made Rotisserie  Chicken and it tasted really good. I just seasoned minced garlic, salt, and crushed pepper. Though my son, Charles does not want to eat the Rotisserie Chicken but when he tried a bite of my food he thought it was Chicken Adobo. As I put the pan drippings into my rice as my sauce. When it comes to Chicken Adobo Charles likes eat the food. He ate 3 plates of it last night.

Doug Scored 4 Free NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets


April 19, 2013

My four year old son, Charles is a huge NASCAR Sprint Cup fan. His all time favorite driver is Brad Keselowski. Yesterday, my husband called me that he scored 4 free tickets from the Marine Corp for the NASCAR Sprint Cup STP 400 race on Sunday at the Kansas Speedway, Kansas City. Of course, we are all excited especially my son, Charles knowing he can watch the real race instead of watching it on television. He really wants to get a glimpse of his favorite driver, Brad Keselowski. Aside from NASCAR Sprint Cup, Charles is also a huge fan of Nationwide, Camping World Trucks, Ama Supercross Racing, and Monster Jam. 

Aside from Charles, Doug, and I, have our favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers. We both like Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt JR., Carl Edwards, and Jeff Gordon. Later this afternoon we are going to drive down to Kansas City after my husband, gets off from school. It’s not fun driving and sitting in the car for four hours though this drive would be a good one for Charles. This trip is for him so hopefully Doug, and I will not hear the question, “are we there yet?’ Anyway, our clothes are already packed and we are ready to go.

I Am Shooting You


April 10, 2013

I was folding clothes when my 4 year old son, Charles shot his toy water gun right at me. Charles said; I am shooting you, I am shooting you mommy. Of course I got goose bumps even though Charles just wants to play with me with his toy water guns. I have seen the news and read lately about kids accidentally shooting kids and older ones as well which is terrifying knowing these are just kids. Well, its like a very long week for all of us especially when we couldn’t get out from the house. It has been raining all day and the temperature had dropped to the 40’s which is cold outside. 

Nothing to do so I tried to call my mother in the Philippines but unfortunately her phone just kept on ringing and nobody is answering. I just wanted to know whether the card that I sent for my niece’s birthday has arrived. It’s more than a month now since we sent the card but I guess it is lost already. Thankfully, Doug and I had decided not to put any money inside the card as I was thinking maybe it will not arrive to the recipient. 

But anyhow, the interesting thing that I did this week was I have another blog, I’m A Bravoholic. I already bought a new domain though it will take 3 days for the transition even though I have not yet posted a blog post on this blog. I found a website where I can buy web designs and they are very affordable. Making another blog shouldn’t be my priority knowing I don’t get as many grab bags from one of the publishing sites for blogs.

It Didn't Go So Well


April 08, 2013

My husband, Doug had a very busy weekend. Last Saturday, he had a Ford Drive 4 UR School event at Landers McLarty Driving to raise money for the wrestling team and it didn’t go so well. The team only raised one thousand dollars instead of raising six thousand dollars just for people test driving new cars. Some of the people never showed up even though they said they were going to support and drive the cars. At least though one thousand will be a great help for the wrestling team which they need. And yesterday, Doug had a coaches meeting. Thank god, the wrestling season will be done a little earlier in February next year unlike this year. 

Well, in less than two months the school year will be over and I am looking forward to that. Doug is planning to take the wrestling team to World's of Fun and we are going with him and visit his sisters as well. His sisters are also planning to visit us this summer before Charles' birthday in September. Charles is very excited for his 5th birthday. He wants to eat at Chucke E. Cheese's and he wants a real NASCAR Car for his birthday present.

I Would Love To Go Back To Branson


April 01, 2013

How was your Easter celebration? For me, we really had a great time. Charles was so excited when he woke up in the morning though he noticed the same basket that he got from last year. I thought it was funny though my husband, Doug had a better explanation why he used the same basket from last year. Since it was very nice outside yesterday, I practiced in driving our car and I need to practice more to get better at driving. 

Well, today is the first day of April and in less than two months the school year will be over. We have not made any plans for the summer though I would love to go back to Branson, Missouri. I wasn’t really thrilled on our way down to Eureka Springs as the road is way too curvy and scary for me. Eureka Springs is very scenic but the road scared the hell out of me. If ever we will go back again to Branson, driving down to Springfield, Missouri is the best way to go and it is very scenic as well. 

I Bought a New Blender


March 24, 2013

I went to Walmart today and bought a new Black & Decker blender. Charles and I love smoothies and it’s a great way for Charles to eat fruits. Surely the blender is perfect for spring and summer to make smoothies every day. My husband, Doug is not a big fan of smoothies and other fruits and I am going to let him to give it one more try. Doug likes chocolate covered cherries from Dairy Queen and the smoothie tasted the same as well once it is blended all together.

Anyway, our weather over the last few days now has been crappy. Today it was breezy and cold. We had snow flurries and they melted before it hit the ground. We need a couple inches of snow so Charles can play in the snow and make snow angels. And for millions of people living in the Midwest have had enough of snow already. Like in Kansas City, where my sister-in-law lives they have another snow for this month.

Scared The Hell Out of Me


March 16, 2013

We have been lucky when it comes to the weather over the last few days now. Today, the temperature was around the 70’s. Charles enjoyed playing with his football and drove his jeep for about an hour. Since it was very nice outside today, I also got the chance to wash the leaves of our plant outside that my husband got from his mom’s funeral. If I did not need to buy soil I would definitely grow my own plants like tomato, bell pepper, lemon, bachoy, and herbs. I also practiced in driving our car today. Charles kept on complaining that I was taking for ages and he really wanted to drive as well. 

When I was about done driving the car I stepped on the gas instead of the brake and it scared the hell out of me. Well, only a few days left before we go to Branson. Sometimes I think of not going during my husband’s spring break and just go in the summer. Doug has only two months left for this school year and just in time for the summer to visit Branson.

Fixture Clamps

The more I have gotten into house repair and do it yourself upgrades the more I have come to appreciate having quality products over products that are just cheap. Luckily, there are quality and cost friendly products out their if you look for them. For example recently I needed some fixture clamps to finish one of my smaller upgrades to our home. I found a really good site that has great products at a good price in Reid Supply.

How are You Adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time?


March 13, 2013

How are you adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time? For me, I really don’t like it as I missed watching my television show’s in the morning. Charles and I usually get up around 11 o’clock in the morning (10 o’clock regular time) before I knew it the Today Show is over. Speaking of shows what kind of television shows have you been up to lately? Mine currently are all the Real Housewives on Bravo, Big Bang Theory, and Duck Dynasty. I also like Worst Cooks in America on Food Network. I find this show very entertaining and fun to watch specially when the worst cooks contestants are in the kitchen.

Charles Sounds Older For His Age


March 08, 2013

My son, Charles is just 4 years old and when he talks he sounds older for his age. Yesterday, he asked me, who marry you? I said your daddy then Charles asked me another question about him. Who is going to marry me? I said I don’t know you’ll find out when you get older. Then another question when is his 85th birthday? I said, Oh Charles so many years to come before your 85th birthday. With Charles so opinionated its hard to ignore him when he kept on asking so many questions that are out of this world. Charles also surprises us by the things he can read. Just yesterday he got a card from his Aunt Connie and read almost the whole card including many words I had no idea he could read.

Outdoor Bleachers

If you are involved in little league baseball or youth soccer or any other sport you know how nice it is to have good outdoor bleachers to sit in while watching the games. Sightlines, Inc is a company that has many types of bleachers, benches and even tables for your field or ballpark. If you are able to purchase or get your clubs to purchase these accessories everyone would really appreciate it.

Flowers Started to Bloom


March 05, 2013

As much as we like having snow I am very thankful we are not living in the Midwest. Charles knew there’s snow with different parts of the country because he saw it on the news this morning. He said, we can’t go home to the Philippines. Several flights were cancelled and millions of people are affected by the massive storm. 

Here in Northwest Arkansas, over the last few days now our weather has been very nice and Charles got to ride in his jeep yesterday. He was happy when he drove his jeep and thought he was in the race. The flowers on the ground started to bloom as well and I think they looked lovely.

Never Sent a Letter or Cards


March 01, 2013

I can’t believed I will be six years now here in the United States. I have never sent a letter or cards for my family and friends back home to the Philippines though occasionally I talk to my mother on the phone. Last night, I remembered its my niece 8th birthday on March 16, and I bought a birthday card for her. Hopefully the card will arrive just on time for her birthday. 

Oh well, this Saturday my husband is working on the table for the Youth Wrestling State Championship. Charles and I are planning to go with him and I am glad Doug can pick us up later on the day. Charles loves to watch wrestling and I am happy to get out of the house and do something fun.

Rough Weekend for Everyone


February 24, 2013

Well Doug my husband finally got home late last night from the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock. Charles tried to stay up but fell asleep about midnight. Doug did not get home until 2 am. It was a rough weekend for everyone, Charles and me missed Doug and Doug had a tough weekend on the mat. His assistant Jason, got really ill and his kids brought home only 2 state medals not the 6 he was expected. Even his returning State Champion got upset in the finals after twice before dominating the kid he lost too in the finals. Good news is though they have a break before Freestyle/Greco Roman season begins in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait until our Spring Break in March either.

My Escabeche


February 17, 2013

The best part of going to the Asian Store A’Chau Oriental Market is getting fresh seafood’s like shrimp, live crabs, and fish. Just the other day I bought shrimp, and fish and I cooked the fish tonight for my dinner. My dish is called Escabeche and the ingredients are ginger, red bell pepper, carrots, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and flour to thicken the sauce. 

Lucky Enough When It Comes to Weather


February 11, 2013

How’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, we’ve been very lucky enough when it comes to weather. We have not had any snow yet and I know how much Charles is looking forward to have snow. He cannot wait to make snow angels and snowmen. I am very thankful though when it comes to our weather here in Northwest Arkansas, unlike thousands of people living in the Northeast who’s been affected by the blizzard. Thousands of people are battling with the cold weather and no electricity as well.

Anyway, only a few days left before State Wrestling Tournament and I am planning to stay in Kansas City when Doug is not around on those days. Though gas prices are around $4 and is holding me back from going to Kansas City.

Shopping Can Be Frustrating


February 05, 2013

Shopping for clothing and shoes can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s how I felt the other day when I went shopping in Fayetteville and here in Rogers. I have been planning to buy a new pair of jeans, shoes, and sandals and yesterday I went back home empty handed. There were sandals that I really liked though the store doesn’t have size 5 which is my shoe size. The smallest size available is size 6 and it still feels big for my feet. When I found Skinny Levi’s jeans for my size it was a little bit long. Medium size and I usually get short length so I didn’t buy anything for myself. 

Oh well, how are you feeling today? My husband have already been sick twice this month and Charles had a fever the other night. Thank God Charles is feeling so much better now. It is really impossible for my husband not to get sick because he is around of so many kids at school and most of the kids are sick as well. His assistant wrestling coach is sick again and this time of the year is busiest for wrestling. They have 2 last home wrestling duals, Senior Night, and State Tournament is just couple weeks away. 

Later today, Charles and I are going to watch wrestling. It is also Senior Night and Doug already bought his flowers that he is going to give to his senior wrestlers for their parents. Losing these seniors with the wrestling team would be different specially the girlfriend of Cole, Holly. I have seen how hard a worker she is in helping every dual putting the mats together and other jobs for the team. Holly is very supportive with Cole and I think this couple has already built a solid relationship for their future which is a good thing.

Looking Forward to Watch Super Bowl XLVII


February 01, 2013

With the Super Bowl XLVII just days away, Doug and I are looking forward to watch the game. The Super Bowl XLVII would be very interesting to watch knowing both NFL Head Coaches are brothers. Doug likes both of these teams, San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. For me it doesn’t matter who will win the game as I never watch any of these teams play football. 

My favorite team, New York Giants never made it to the playoffs so it was kind of disappointing. I do really look forward to see the halftime show. Beyonce is going to perform during halftime show and the Super Bowl commercials as well. Of course we will have a small party with just us three, though we will eat and have fun.

We Like Sleeping with Charles


January 27, 2013

Well Charles has been sleeping for almost two whole months in his own bed in his bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I let Charles sleep with us one night when he was not feeling well and Doug had went to bed early. Well now Charles has decided that once again he needs to sleep with us every night. Thing is both Doug and I like sleeping with Charles as it is good family time laying down together and it is nice knowing Charles is safe throughout the night.

Felt Like Spring Already


January 21, 2013

The weather yesterday was beautiful and felt like Spring already. Charles had a great time playing soccer and driving around in his jeep. We also went shopping and I used the gift card and money that I got from my sisters-in-law for my birthday. I found some great deals for Charles and myself specially from Victoria’s Secret. Well, January is almost over same with wrestling season which Doug coaches. This week they have two wrestling duals and we are going to watch them on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Thursday afternoon, I will have my eye checkup and I am getting a little nervous. Hopefully the result will be just fine as I don’t feel like wearing eye glasses. Doug is already wearing eye glasses and all of his sisters as well. Maybe when we are all together people would think us a bunch of nerds or geniuses.. just kidding.

My Outfit Collage


January 18, 2013

I had a blog post about tights and leggings and one of the requirements is to make an outfit collage. Since I signed up on the website when I created my outfit collage I already have a couple of people following me. Its just weird because I only had one set of outfit collages and now I felt like I want to make more outfit collages. Creating outfit collages and seeing how they look gives me an idea of what to buy for myself before I go shopping. Instead of browsing clothing, shoes and accessories creating outfit collages makes my shopping more convenient.

Makes Me Feel Helpless


January 14, 2013

Year 2013 just began and I feel like I already have so many problems that’s going on with my family back in the Philippines. Lately, my mother has not been feeling very well plus she has high blood pressure. Just found out from my sister-in-law, Retchel that she’s also afraid of needles which could make her blood pressure go up high. Why everybody is so afraid of needles? Its just a needle, it doesn’t hurt when injected into you. When someone pinches your skin, ant bite, hurts more than needles. Well, thinking about my family back in the Philippines makes me feel helpless at this time. I really wanted to go home but unfortunately I haven’t renewed my passport yet. 

Hopefully we can renew my passport when the school year is over around June depending also on the weather. I know how much Doug is looking forward to book our tickets and visit back to the Philippines and Charles as well. Though I am a little nervous of going home with Charles and I. It is a very long trip and Charles doesn’t like sitting for a very long time. Even when we visit my husband’s sisters is around 7 hours drive and we always stop by at the store just to get out from the car. How much more riding in the plane that could take us around 23 hours trip? “Are we there yet” is surely Charles question every few seconds.

Townsend Real Estate


January 09, 2013

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Can' Resist

My husband has type II diabetes and it worries me the most knowing he can’t resist eating sweets. The other night, he really wanted to go to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard and smoothies from Dairy Queen. I was firm on my decision of not letting him go to Dairy Queen as we just had our dinner but looking for some sweets for dessert. Not going to Dairy Queen only slightly worked. Doug got what he really wanted as Charles had some candy bars from his Christmas stockings and they both ate the chocolate. As a mother it worries me letting Charles eat what his dad eats like chocolates. 

I don’t want Charles to have diabetes just like his dad. It is sad seeing my husband has to inject himself three times a day with his insulin and take a lot of medicine. I also stopped buying Hershey’s Kisses from the store hoping Charles and his dad will stop eating from chocolates. I noticed Charles is eating different types of foods now though chocolates are on his lists of yummy foods to eat. Though the other night he tried to eat green beans and he knew that vegetables are good for him which was a great thing.

Kiva Loans


January 08, 2013

While reading on the internet today I came across a new and exciting new way to make profits while helping others at the same time. Kiva Loans are a way that private lenders like yourself can became a lender. Kiva specializes in connecting lenders to those who need loans, especially small business loans. The way the program works is that Kiva Field Partners research and vet loans for lenders looking to make loans and earn a profit. 

As the borrower pays back the loan the lender can withdraw the payments back into their own accounts. Not only can you become a lender but also a Kiva Field Partner with varying levels of due diligence. This type of lending and borrowing defiantly has potential for both lenders and borrowers. If you are interested like I am I suggest you research and vet Kiva Loans and see how they work and what peoples experiences are dealing with them.

I Bought at Antique Store


January 04, 2013

A few years ago, I hated going to Flea Market and Antique Stores. I thought it was boring and I used to walked down the aisle without looking at any items from the booths. Now, they are one of my favorite things to do every time we drive down to visit my husband’s sisters in Missouri or even here in the city. I think looking around at Antique Stores and Flea Market are cool to see different items from the store. We always buy NASCAR Cars that Charles doesn’t have in his collections. 

For me, I always look for Flower Vase and I already had couple of them. I like flowers though Doug is allergic to flowers so I only get them occasionally. On our recent stop at the Antique Store on our way back home from visiting my sister’s-in-law, I bought a Seashell Frame for only $3. I thought it was cute and would be perfect for Doug’s bathroom though he doesn’t care about his bathroom being decorated.

Ready To Get My Eyes Checked


January 01, 2013

It has been a couple of days that I have not updated this blog. I got sick over the holidays and I am glad I am feeling so much better now. Hopefully this New Year I don’t get sick anymore. Last year has been very difficult year for me when it comes to my health. For this month I am ready to get my eyes checked though I am a little bit worried of the result. I should have got my eyes check earlier besides I am covered with Doug’s vision plan insurance. 

Well he decided to remove me from his plan and I have until the end of January to get checked and have it covered. It seems like I have waited to the last minute to get this done. I hope I do not need glasses as that would be hard for me to adjust too.