We Like Sleeping with Charles


January 27, 2013

Well Charles has been sleeping for almost two whole months in his own bed in his bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I let Charles sleep with us one night when he was not feeling well and Doug had went to bed early. Well now Charles has decided that once again he needs to sleep with us every night. Thing is both Doug and I like sleeping with Charles as it is good family time laying down together and it is nice knowing Charles is safe throughout the night.

Felt Like Spring Already


January 21, 2013

The weather yesterday was beautiful and felt like Spring already. Charles had a great time playing soccer and driving around in his jeep. We also went shopping and I used the gift card and money that I got from my sisters-in-law for my birthday. I found some great deals for Charles and myself specially from Victoria’s Secret. Well, January is almost over same with wrestling season which Doug coaches. This week they have two wrestling duals and we are going to watch them on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Thursday afternoon, I will have my eye checkup and I am getting a little nervous. Hopefully the result will be just fine as I don’t feel like wearing eye glasses. Doug is already wearing eye glasses and all of his sisters as well. Maybe when we are all together people would think us a bunch of nerds or geniuses.. just kidding.

My Outfit Collage


January 18, 2013

I had a blog post about tights and leggings and one of the requirements is to make an outfit collage. Since I signed up on the website when I created my outfit collage I already have a couple of people following me. Its just weird because I only had one set of outfit collages and now I felt like I want to make more outfit collages. Creating outfit collages and seeing how they look gives me an idea of what to buy for myself before I go shopping. Instead of browsing clothing, shoes and accessories creating outfit collages makes my shopping more convenient.

Makes Me Feel Helpless


January 14, 2013

Year 2013 just began and I feel like I already have so many problems that’s going on with my family back in the Philippines. Lately, my mother has not been feeling very well plus she has high blood pressure. Just found out from my sister-in-law, Retchel that she’s also afraid of needles which could make her blood pressure go up high. Why everybody is so afraid of needles? Its just a needle, it doesn’t hurt when injected into you. When someone pinches your skin, ant bite, hurts more than needles. Well, thinking about my family back in the Philippines makes me feel helpless at this time. I really wanted to go home but unfortunately I haven’t renewed my passport yet. 

Hopefully we can renew my passport when the school year is over around June depending also on the weather. I know how much Doug is looking forward to book our tickets and visit back to the Philippines and Charles as well. Though I am a little nervous of going home with Charles and I. It is a very long trip and Charles doesn’t like sitting for a very long time. Even when we visit my husband’s sisters is around 7 hours drive and we always stop by at the store just to get out from the car. How much more riding in the plane that could take us around 23 hours trip? “Are we there yet” is surely Charles question every few seconds.

Townsend Real Estate


January 09, 2013

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Can' Resist

My husband has type II diabetes and it worries me the most knowing he can’t resist eating sweets. The other night, he really wanted to go to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard and smoothies from Dairy Queen. I was firm on my decision of not letting him go to Dairy Queen as we just had our dinner but looking for some sweets for dessert. Not going to Dairy Queen only slightly worked. Doug got what he really wanted as Charles had some candy bars from his Christmas stockings and they both ate the chocolate. As a mother it worries me letting Charles eat what his dad eats like chocolates. 

I don’t want Charles to have diabetes just like his dad. It is sad seeing my husband has to inject himself three times a day with his insulin and take a lot of medicine. I also stopped buying Hershey’s Kisses from the store hoping Charles and his dad will stop eating from chocolates. I noticed Charles is eating different types of foods now though chocolates are on his lists of yummy foods to eat. Though the other night he tried to eat green beans and he knew that vegetables are good for him which was a great thing.

Kiva Loans


January 08, 2013

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I Bought at Antique Store


January 04, 2013

A few years ago, I hated going to Flea Market and Antique Stores. I thought it was boring and I used to walked down the aisle without looking at any items from the booths. Now, they are one of my favorite things to do every time we drive down to visit my husband’s sisters in Missouri or even here in the city. I think looking around at Antique Stores and Flea Market are cool to see different items from the store. We always buy NASCAR Cars that Charles doesn’t have in his collections. 

For me, I always look for Flower Vase and I already had couple of them. I like flowers though Doug is allergic to flowers so I only get them occasionally. On our recent stop at the Antique Store on our way back home from visiting my sister’s-in-law, I bought a Seashell Frame for only $3. I thought it was cute and would be perfect for Doug’s bathroom though he doesn’t care about his bathroom being decorated.

Ready To Get My Eyes Checked


January 01, 2013

It has been a couple of days that I have not updated this blog. I got sick over the holidays and I am glad I am feeling so much better now. Hopefully this New Year I don’t get sick anymore. Last year has been very difficult year for me when it comes to my health. For this month I am ready to get my eyes checked though I am a little bit worried of the result. I should have got my eyes check earlier besides I am covered with Doug’s vision plan insurance. 

Well he decided to remove me from his plan and I have until the end of January to get checked and have it covered. It seems like I have waited to the last minute to get this done. I hope I do not need glasses as that would be hard for me to adjust too.