Can' Resist


January 09, 2013

My husband has type II diabetes and it worries me the most knowing he can’t resist eating sweets. The other night, he really wanted to go to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard and smoothies from Dairy Queen. I was firm on my decision of not letting him go to Dairy Queen as we just had our dinner but looking for some sweets for dessert. Not going to Dairy Queen only slightly worked. Doug got what he really wanted as Charles had some candy bars from his Christmas stockings and they both ate the chocolate. As a mother it worries me letting Charles eat what his dad eats like chocolates. 

I don’t want Charles to have diabetes just like his dad. It is sad seeing my husband has to inject himself three times a day with his insulin and take a lot of medicine. I also stopped buying Hershey’s Kisses from the store hoping Charles and his dad will stop eating from chocolates. I noticed Charles is eating different types of foods now though chocolates are on his lists of yummy foods to eat. Though the other night he tried to eat green beans and he knew that vegetables are good for him which was a great thing.


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