Kiva Loans


January 08, 2013

While reading on the internet today I came across a new and exciting new way to make profits while helping others at the same time. Kiva Loans are a way that private lenders like yourself can became a lender. Kiva specializes in connecting lenders to those who need loans, especially small business loans. The way the program works is that Kiva Field Partners research and vet loans for lenders looking to make loans and earn a profit. 

As the borrower pays back the loan the lender can withdraw the payments back into their own accounts. Not only can you become a lender but also a Kiva Field Partner with varying levels of due diligence. This type of lending and borrowing defiantly has potential for both lenders and borrowers. If you are interested like I am I suggest you research and vet Kiva Loans and see how they work and what peoples experiences are dealing with them.


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