Makes Me Feel Helpless


January 14, 2013

Year 2013 just began and I feel like I already have so many problems that’s going on with my family back in the Philippines. Lately, my mother has not been feeling very well plus she has high blood pressure. Just found out from my sister-in-law, Retchel that she’s also afraid of needles which could make her blood pressure go up high. Why everybody is so afraid of needles? Its just a needle, it doesn’t hurt when injected into you. When someone pinches your skin, ant bite, hurts more than needles. Well, thinking about my family back in the Philippines makes me feel helpless at this time. I really wanted to go home but unfortunately I haven’t renewed my passport yet. 

Hopefully we can renew my passport when the school year is over around June depending also on the weather. I know how much Doug is looking forward to book our tickets and visit back to the Philippines and Charles as well. Though I am a little nervous of going home with Charles and I. It is a very long trip and Charles doesn’t like sitting for a very long time. Even when we visit my husband’s sisters is around 7 hours drive and we always stop by at the store just to get out from the car. How much more riding in the plane that could take us around 23 hours trip? “Are we there yet” is surely Charles question every few seconds.


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