Shopping Can Be Frustrating


February 05, 2013

Shopping for clothing and shoes can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s how I felt the other day when I went shopping in Fayetteville and here in Rogers. I have been planning to buy a new pair of jeans, shoes, and sandals and yesterday I went back home empty handed. There were sandals that I really liked though the store doesn’t have size 5 which is my shoe size. The smallest size available is size 6 and it still feels big for my feet. When I found Skinny Levi’s jeans for my size it was a little bit long. Medium size and I usually get short length so I didn’t buy anything for myself. 

Oh well, how are you feeling today? My husband have already been sick twice this month and Charles had a fever the other night. Thank God Charles is feeling so much better now. It is really impossible for my husband not to get sick because he is around of so many kids at school and most of the kids are sick as well. His assistant wrestling coach is sick again and this time of the year is busiest for wrestling. They have 2 last home wrestling duals, Senior Night, and State Tournament is just couple weeks away. 

Later today, Charles and I are going to watch wrestling. It is also Senior Night and Doug already bought his flowers that he is going to give to his senior wrestlers for their parents. Losing these seniors with the wrestling team would be different specially the girlfriend of Cole, Holly. I have seen how hard a worker she is in helping every dual putting the mats together and other jobs for the team. Holly is very supportive with Cole and I think this couple has already built a solid relationship for their future which is a good thing.


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