I Bought a New Blender


March 24, 2013

I went to Walmart today and bought a new Black & Decker blender. Charles and I love smoothies and it’s a great way for Charles to eat fruits. Surely the blender is perfect for spring and summer to make smoothies every day. My husband, Doug is not a big fan of smoothies and other fruits and I am going to let him to give it one more try. Doug likes chocolate covered cherries from Dairy Queen and the smoothie tasted the same as well once it is blended all together.

Anyway, our weather over the last few days now has been crappy. Today it was breezy and cold. We had snow flurries and they melted before it hit the ground. We need a couple inches of snow so Charles can play in the snow and make snow angels. And for millions of people living in the Midwest have had enough of snow already. Like in Kansas City, where my sister-in-law lives they have another snow for this month.

Scared The Hell Out of Me


March 16, 2013

We have been lucky when it comes to the weather over the last few days now. Today, the temperature was around the 70’s. Charles enjoyed playing with his football and drove his jeep for about an hour. Since it was very nice outside today, I also got the chance to wash the leaves of our plant outside that my husband got from his mom’s funeral. If I did not need to buy soil I would definitely grow my own plants like tomato, bell pepper, lemon, bachoy, and herbs. I also practiced in driving our car today. Charles kept on complaining that I was taking for ages and he really wanted to drive as well. 

When I was about done driving the car I stepped on the gas instead of the brake and it scared the hell out of me. Well, only a few days left before we go to Branson. Sometimes I think of not going during my husband’s spring break and just go in the summer. Doug has only two months left for this school year and just in time for the summer to visit Branson.

Fixture Clamps

The more I have gotten into house repair and do it yourself upgrades the more I have come to appreciate having quality products over products that are just cheap. Luckily, there are quality and cost friendly products out their if you look for them. For example recently I needed some fixture clamps to finish one of my smaller upgrades to our home. I found a really good site that has great products at a good price in Reid Supply.

How are You Adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time?


March 13, 2013

How are you adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time? For me, I really don’t like it as I missed watching my television show’s in the morning. Charles and I usually get up around 11 o’clock in the morning (10 o’clock regular time) before I knew it the Today Show is over. Speaking of shows what kind of television shows have you been up to lately? Mine currently are all the Real Housewives on Bravo, Big Bang Theory, and Duck Dynasty. I also like Worst Cooks in America on Food Network. I find this show very entertaining and fun to watch specially when the worst cooks contestants are in the kitchen.

Charles Sounds Older For His Age


March 08, 2013

My son, Charles is just 4 years old and when he talks he sounds older for his age. Yesterday, he asked me, who marry you? I said your daddy then Charles asked me another question about him. Who is going to marry me? I said I don’t know you’ll find out when you get older. Then another question when is his 85th birthday? I said, Oh Charles so many years to come before your 85th birthday. With Charles so opinionated its hard to ignore him when he kept on asking so many questions that are out of this world. Charles also surprises us by the things he can read. Just yesterday he got a card from his Aunt Connie and read almost the whole card including many words I had no idea he could read.

Outdoor Bleachers

If you are involved in little league baseball or youth soccer or any other sport you know how nice it is to have good outdoor bleachers to sit in while watching the games. Sightlines, Inc is a company that has many types of bleachers, benches and even tables for your field or ballpark. If you are able to purchase or get your clubs to purchase these accessories everyone would really appreciate it.

Flowers Started to Bloom


March 05, 2013

As much as we like having snow I am very thankful we are not living in the Midwest. Charles knew there’s snow with different parts of the country because he saw it on the news this morning. He said, we can’t go home to the Philippines. Several flights were cancelled and millions of people are affected by the massive storm. 

Here in Northwest Arkansas, over the last few days now our weather has been very nice and Charles got to ride in his jeep yesterday. He was happy when he drove his jeep and thought he was in the race. The flowers on the ground started to bloom as well and I think they looked lovely.

Never Sent a Letter or Cards


March 01, 2013

I can’t believed I will be six years now here in the United States. I have never sent a letter or cards for my family and friends back home to the Philippines though occasionally I talk to my mother on the phone. Last night, I remembered its my niece 8th birthday on March 16, and I bought a birthday card for her. Hopefully the card will arrive just on time for her birthday. 

Oh well, this Saturday my husband is working on the table for the Youth Wrestling State Championship. Charles and I are planning to go with him and I am glad Doug can pick us up later on the day. Charles loves to watch wrestling and I am happy to get out of the house and do something fun.