I Bought a New Blender


March 24, 2013

I went to Walmart today and bought a new Black & Decker blender. Charles and I love smoothies and it’s a great way for Charles to eat fruits. Surely the blender is perfect for spring and summer to make smoothies every day. My husband, Doug is not a big fan of smoothies and other fruits and I am going to let him to give it one more try. Doug likes chocolate covered cherries from Dairy Queen and the smoothie tasted the same as well once it is blended all together.

Anyway, our weather over the last few days now has been crappy. Today it was breezy and cold. We had snow flurries and they melted before it hit the ground. We need a couple inches of snow so Charles can play in the snow and make snow angels. And for millions of people living in the Midwest have had enough of snow already. Like in Kansas City, where my sister-in-law lives they have another snow for this month.


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