Scared The Hell Out of Me


March 16, 2013

We have been lucky when it comes to the weather over the last few days now. Today, the temperature was around the 70’s. Charles enjoyed playing with his football and drove his jeep for about an hour. Since it was very nice outside today, I also got the chance to wash the leaves of our plant outside that my husband got from his mom’s funeral. If I did not need to buy soil I would definitely grow my own plants like tomato, bell pepper, lemon, bachoy, and herbs. I also practiced in driving our car today. Charles kept on complaining that I was taking for ages and he really wanted to drive as well. 

When I was about done driving the car I stepped on the gas instead of the brake and it scared the hell out of me. Well, only a few days left before we go to Branson. Sometimes I think of not going during my husband’s spring break and just go in the summer. Doug has only two months left for this school year and just in time for the summer to visit Branson.


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