Doug Scored 4 Free NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets


April 19, 2013

My four year old son, Charles is a huge NASCAR Sprint Cup fan. His all time favorite driver is Brad Keselowski. Yesterday, my husband called me that he scored 4 free tickets from the Marine Corp for the NASCAR Sprint Cup STP 400 race on Sunday at the Kansas Speedway, Kansas City. Of course, we are all excited especially my son, Charles knowing he can watch the real race instead of watching it on television. He really wants to get a glimpse of his favorite driver, Brad Keselowski. Aside from NASCAR Sprint Cup, Charles is also a huge fan of Nationwide, Camping World Trucks, Ama Supercross Racing, and Monster Jam. 

Aside from Charles, Doug, and I, have our favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers. We both like Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt JR., Carl Edwards, and Jeff Gordon. Later this afternoon we are going to drive down to Kansas City after my husband, gets off from school. It’s not fun driving and sitting in the car for four hours though this drive would be a good one for Charles. This trip is for him so hopefully Doug, and I will not hear the question, “are we there yet?’ Anyway, our clothes are already packed and we are ready to go.

I Am Shooting You


April 10, 2013

I was folding clothes when my 4 year old son, Charles shot his toy water gun right at me. Charles said; I am shooting you, I am shooting you mommy. Of course I got goose bumps even though Charles just wants to play with me with his toy water guns. I have seen the news and read lately about kids accidentally shooting kids and older ones as well which is terrifying knowing these are just kids. Well, its like a very long week for all of us especially when we couldn’t get out from the house. It has been raining all day and the temperature had dropped to the 40’s which is cold outside. 

Nothing to do so I tried to call my mother in the Philippines but unfortunately her phone just kept on ringing and nobody is answering. I just wanted to know whether the card that I sent for my niece’s birthday has arrived. It’s more than a month now since we sent the card but I guess it is lost already. Thankfully, Doug and I had decided not to put any money inside the card as I was thinking maybe it will not arrive to the recipient. 

But anyhow, the interesting thing that I did this week was I have another blog, I’m A Bravoholic. I already bought a new domain though it will take 3 days for the transition even though I have not yet posted a blog post on this blog. I found a website where I can buy web designs and they are very affordable. Making another blog shouldn’t be my priority knowing I don’t get as many grab bags from one of the publishing sites for blogs.

It Didn't Go So Well


April 08, 2013

My husband, Doug had a very busy weekend. Last Saturday, he had a Ford Drive 4 UR School event at Landers McLarty Driving to raise money for the wrestling team and it didn’t go so well. The team only raised one thousand dollars instead of raising six thousand dollars just for people test driving new cars. Some of the people never showed up even though they said they were going to support and drive the cars. At least though one thousand will be a great help for the wrestling team which they need. And yesterday, Doug had a coaches meeting. Thank god, the wrestling season will be done a little earlier in February next year unlike this year. 

Well, in less than two months the school year will be over and I am looking forward to that. Doug is planning to take the wrestling team to World's of Fun and we are going with him and visit his sisters as well. His sisters are also planning to visit us this summer before Charles' birthday in September. Charles is very excited for his 5th birthday. He wants to eat at Chucke E. Cheese's and he wants a real NASCAR Car for his birthday present.

I Would Love To Go Back To Branson


April 01, 2013

How was your Easter celebration? For me, we really had a great time. Charles was so excited when he woke up in the morning though he noticed the same basket that he got from last year. I thought it was funny though my husband, Doug had a better explanation why he used the same basket from last year. Since it was very nice outside yesterday, I practiced in driving our car and I need to practice more to get better at driving. 

Well, today is the first day of April and in less than two months the school year will be over. We have not made any plans for the summer though I would love to go back to Branson, Missouri. I wasn’t really thrilled on our way down to Eureka Springs as the road is way too curvy and scary for me. Eureka Springs is very scenic but the road scared the hell out of me. If ever we will go back again to Branson, driving down to Springfield, Missouri is the best way to go and it is very scenic as well.