I Am Shooting You


April 10, 2013

I was folding clothes when my 4 year old son, Charles shot his toy water gun right at me. Charles said; I am shooting you, I am shooting you mommy. Of course I got goose bumps even though Charles just wants to play with me with his toy water guns. I have seen the news and read lately about kids accidentally shooting kids and older ones as well which is terrifying knowing these are just kids. Well, its like a very long week for all of us especially when we couldn’t get out from the house. It has been raining all day and the temperature had dropped to the 40’s which is cold outside. 

Nothing to do so I tried to call my mother in the Philippines but unfortunately her phone just kept on ringing and nobody is answering. I just wanted to know whether the card that I sent for my niece’s birthday has arrived. It’s more than a month now since we sent the card but I guess it is lost already. Thankfully, Doug and I had decided not to put any money inside the card as I was thinking maybe it will not arrive to the recipient. 

But anyhow, the interesting thing that I did this week was I have another blog, I’m A Bravoholic. I already bought a new domain though it will take 3 days for the transition even though I have not yet posted a blog post on this blog. I found a website where I can buy web designs and they are very affordable. Making another blog shouldn’t be my priority knowing I don’t get as many grab bags from one of the publishing sites for blogs.


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