I Would Love To Go Back To Branson


April 01, 2013

How was your Easter celebration? For me, we really had a great time. Charles was so excited when he woke up in the morning though he noticed the same basket that he got from last year. I thought it was funny though my husband, Doug had a better explanation why he used the same basket from last year. Since it was very nice outside yesterday, I practiced in driving our car and I need to practice more to get better at driving. 

Well, today is the first day of April and in less than two months the school year will be over. We have not made any plans for the summer though I would love to go back to Branson, Missouri. I wasn’t really thrilled on our way down to Eureka Springs as the road is way too curvy and scary for me. Eureka Springs is very scenic but the road scared the hell out of me. If ever we will go back again to Branson, driving down to Springfield, Missouri is the best way to go and it is very scenic as well. 


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