It Didn't Go So Well


April 08, 2013

My husband, Doug had a very busy weekend. Last Saturday, he had a Ford Drive 4 UR School event at Landers McLarty Driving to raise money for the wrestling team and it didn’t go so well. The team only raised one thousand dollars instead of raising six thousand dollars just for people test driving new cars. Some of the people never showed up even though they said they were going to support and drive the cars. At least though one thousand will be a great help for the wrestling team which they need. And yesterday, Doug had a coaches meeting. Thank god, the wrestling season will be done a little earlier in February next year unlike this year. 

Well, in less than two months the school year will be over and I am looking forward to that. Doug is planning to take the wrestling team to World's of Fun and we are going with him and visit his sisters as well. His sisters are also planning to visit us this summer before Charles' birthday in September. Charles is very excited for his 5th birthday. He wants to eat at Chucke E. Cheese's and he wants a real NASCAR Car for his birthday present.


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