Help Your Bottom Line


May 28, 2013

 If you are the owner of a business but are not sure on how an online business can help your bottom line, there are ways to easily find the answers to your questions. The internet is a vast supply of potential customers sitting right at your fingertips. For the internet to be successful there are many things needed that many business owners do not think of. You cannot just make a good site, having great products or even great prices for a successful online business. 

What you need first and foremost is traffic. You need to have a way to bring customers to your site. This is no different then getting customers in the door of your retail business. You cannot sell to those who do not know you exist. The best way to get traffic is by getting your links  into customers hands or onto their computer screens or smart phones. 

It's Been A Difficult Week


May 16, 2013

It's been a difficult week for all of us. My son, Charles has not been feeling very well. He's been coughing lately and has thrown up two nights in a row in the middle of the night. It has really been difficult to see my son when he gets sick though he doesn't mind taking his medicine which is good for him. I hope he feels so much better over the weekend so he can enjoy watching the NASCAR Truck Race and NASCAR Sprint Cup. His favorite NASCAR driver, Brad Keselowski is racing the Truck Camping World Series and is driving his truck in the blue paint scheme which is one of Charles’ favorite color. 

Last night, while I was watching the NBA Playoffs between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, I asked him what team color he wanted to win and he said white which was the Miami Heat team uniform. Well, it was a great night for the Miami Heat. One of the basketball teams that I don't mind watching during the playoffs along with the LA Lakers. Anyway, tomorrow is High School graduation where my husband, Doug teaches at. Though he still has to go back to school next week and one day after Memorial Day. I'm still amazed on how schools are run here in the U.S. compared to the Philippines. 

Anyhow, we are looking forward for the weekend. NASCAR Racing is always part of our weekend and we never realized we all loved watching the race. Watching NASCAR Races would be great for Charles, Doug, and I especially when our favorite NASCAR drivers win races.

Beef Stew


May 07, 2013

As a mother I want the best for my son, Charles. Being a picky eater it drives me crazy especially when I cook the food just for him and when the food is ready he won’t eat it. Though he has favorite foods to eat with soup and rice like Adobo, Chicken, and Beef Stew. The other day, I cooked Beef Stew and Charles ate a lot of rice with soup. Charles doesn’t like to eat meat and vegetables so I am very happy every time he eats rice for his meal. Beef Stew is very easy to cook and it taste so delicious. 

Cockburn and Associate LLP


May 03, 2013

If you have ever been in a tough financial situation, like many these few years, you know how important it is to have someone on your side. If you are looking for debt relief or debt help you are best served to find a reputable and well known professional to help you out. If you are living in Canada then The Law Offices of Cockburn and Associate LLP may be the perfect place for you to start getting that professional help. 

Cockburn and Associate LLP are experts in helping get creditors and predatory lenders off your back. Getting started on debt settlement is just the first step in helping you restore your good credit.  Challenging credit scores and consolidating debt can help you save on your monthly bills and allow you to have the cash on hand for your daily needs. Start now and begin your new life with a solid financial plan.

My Rotisserie Chicken


May 01, 2013

Yesterday, I made Rotisserie  Chicken and it tasted really good. I just seasoned minced garlic, salt, and crushed pepper. Though my son, Charles does not want to eat the Rotisserie Chicken but when he tried a bite of my food he thought it was Chicken Adobo. As I put the pan drippings into my rice as my sauce. When it comes to Chicken Adobo Charles likes eat the food. He ate 3 plates of it last night.