No Longer Getting Any Tasks


June 22, 2013

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blogs. I am just kind of very disappointed that I am no longer getting any tasks to work with. Though the other day, I got some grab bags but there were problems with the anchor texts and the payout rate was very low. I don’t mind accepting tasks with payout rates of $7.50 as long as the anchor texts are working. And the advertiser won’t keep on asking for a bunch of changes. It was kind of irritating so I had to declined the grab bags for my 2 blogs. 

At least though there is one publishing site that never forgets to include my blogs when they assign tasks to me. Anyway, I have been thinking of getting my passport this summer but it looks like we will have to wait to the Fall. I don’t like driving when the weather is very hot just like when we drove the other day. The only good thing when we drove was when Doug and I never heard Charles asked his famous question; are we there yet?

It Wasn't A Roarsome Trip


June 10, 2013

I occasionally eat midnight snacks and last night was one of those nights. So we drove down to Taco Bell in Lowell as Doug thought it was faster than the other one. He just hates hitting all the stop lights. Well, when we were at the drive thru area there were 4 cars in front of us aside from the cars that were already at the window waiting for their orders. Another 3 cars behind us and 2 cars left that couldn’t wait any longer. 

Anyway, the person that’s about to order in the drive thru was drunk and it really took so long. So I guess someone called the police to check up on the drunk person as 3 police cars came to Taco Bell. The lady can barely walk into the police car and she was handcuffed and we left. At first I was really nervous as I had no idea what’s going on when I saw the police cars came by. I thought their target are the teenagers next to the drunk lady and would shoot towards the policemen. It wasn’t a roarsome (from Henry Hugglemonster) trip as Charles always says. At least though Charles ate all of his burrito which was a good thing for him to try eating other foods.

Interactive Whiteboards


June 01, 2013

My husband, Doug is a teacher and he has a interactive smartboard in his class at school. Traditional and newer interactive whiteboards are not the future of education and business they are the now in education and business. If you are looking for or considering these boards you need the correct accessories. You will need standsandmounts interactive whiteboard tools and installation hardware.

I Cooked Pancit

Now that I have a family of my own, cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Today, I cooked Pancit and paired it with White Bread. Hmmm it tasted really good. It is one of my favorite dishes to cook though Charles doesn’t like this type of noodles. He prefers the yellow ones just like the ones at the Chinese restaurants. Since Doug is watching his food intake to lower his blood sugar, noodles are not good for him as well. This Pancit will last for days and its good as leftovers. 

Aside from cooking Filipino dishes I am planning to make my homemade Pandesal. I already have my ingredients and hopefully I can make it tomorrow morning as my breakfast. Pandesal are perfect with coffee and Charles likes coffee as well instead of hot chocolate or orange juice.