No Longer Getting Any Tasks


June 22, 2013

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blogs. I am just kind of very disappointed that I am no longer getting any tasks to work with. Though the other day, I got some grab bags but there were problems with the anchor texts and the payout rate was very low. I don’t mind accepting tasks with payout rates of $7.50 as long as the anchor texts are working. And the advertiser won’t keep on asking for a bunch of changes. It was kind of irritating so I had to declined the grab bags for my 2 blogs. 

At least though there is one publishing site that never forgets to include my blogs when they assign tasks to me. Anyway, I have been thinking of getting my passport this summer but it looks like we will have to wait to the Fall. I don’t like driving when the weather is very hot just like when we drove the other day. The only good thing when we drove was when Doug and I never heard Charles asked his famous question; are we there yet?


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