Memory Foam Bed For Cats


July 27, 2013

It always amazes me how much Americans treat their pets as members of their family. While growing up in the Philippines we had cats and dogs but they never were nearly as pampered as those here in the United States. A good friend of ours recently purchased a special cat bed. The bed is a memory foam bed much like our son Charles has. The cat loves his bed and that makes his owners very happy.

Its Just Like A Boring Day Today

Its just like a boring day today. Did nothing except teaching Charles how to drive his bicycle without training wheels in the garage. Though when he saw a tiny spider in the garage Charles freaked out. Charles and his dad are afraid of spiders so whenever there is spider its always me who takes care of it. But sometimes I scare my hubby by throwing the spider onto him and he gets really scared. 

I’ve never seen someone who’s so scared of spiders in the past so every time I scare Doug with a spider it makes me laugh so hard. Well, how was your day today? As for me, it was a very good day to start with until my hubby irritates the hell out of me. Who would be happy when your husband is gone for a couple of hours playing a Magic Tournament and couldn’t even send a text that he will be gone for so long? 

Doug is a huge gamer. In fact, he has plenty of Magic Cards that he had been messing with them the last two months now. NCAA Football is another game on his X-Box that Charles likes to play along when his dad is playing the game. So Charles and I were waiting for him to get home so we can go to the store to get our groceries. And when I was taking my shower Charles told me that he called his dad and I freaked out. 

Maybe he called other numbers in my contacts or dialed 911 so I asked what else he does on my phone. Doug and I never really had a conversation with Charles about dialing 911 when there is an emergency at home. But this type of conversation needs to be discussed with him just in case of emergency.

Affordable Guitar Wall Hanger


July 25, 2013

As followers of my blog know my son, Charles loves music and has many instruments. He also is a typical 4 year old and his room at times becomes very crowded by his drum set, cars and sports equipment. Recently we purchased an affordable guitar wall hanger at musicians friend. The hanger was just a little over $10 and has made Charles’ acoustic guitar much safer then his old floor guitar stand.

I Though Do Not Like Letting Go

Whether you are watching the news on television or reading on the internet we all have seen a couple of accidents regarding train derailments and plane crashes on the runway. Over the past few years now, I have been planning on visiting back to the Philippines though seeing these plane crashes on television makes me a little bit worried. Before I was not fearful until I had my son, Charles. 

I know worry about everything that could possibly go wrong and that’s what I am most afraid of. Traveling back to the Philippines is a very long trip on the plane and who knows if the pilot is on training? Just like what had happened with Asiana Airlines recently. Being a mom with my son really changes everything about the way I see the world now. Fear is my biggest weakness but Doug always says; you can‘t live your life with fear. 

I though do not like letting go on small things when it comes to Charles so I have to do it for him. I remember a couple of weeks ago when Charles and I did sand artwork and I did it myself instead of letting Charles do it by himself. Charles helped me do the sand artwork but I want it to be perfect so I had decided to make it my way. As I thought about it makes me feel really bad. 

I should let Charles do his own stuff and appreciate more for what he has done. So now when Charles is doing some artwork like coloring, and cutting papers I’ll let him work on his own way and be there to support him. Well, if you read my blogs you know that I have not renewed my passport and I would love to do it in the Fall. Driving down to Chicago is not ideal specially at this time of the year. 

Summertime makes drivers more antsy on the highway and traffic gets really bad. Being stacked on the traffic is not fun at all and Doug is not a big fan either.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

If you have ever felt that you were drowning in debt and just not able to get your head above the financial flood that was washing over you I am sure you have considered bankruptcy. The thing is that with new laws passed in the late 2000’s bankruptcy is more complex then ever. If you have questions about bankruptcy you need to get a free bankruptcy consultation right away. Whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 11 or something else the right law firm and consultation is vital to your financial rescue.

Got My Permit To Drive


July 12, 2013

I am very proud of myself today. I passed the written drivers test and got my permit to drive. I never thought I could pass the test today as I have not finished reading the, Arkansas Driver License Study Guide. And yesterday when I took the practice test on the computer I failed the test once so I was very happy when I passed the test and the vision test as well. Now, that I have a permit to drive, I can drive the car when we go for our grocery shopping at Walmart. 

Though Charles doesn’t like the idea of me driving the car when his father told him today. But it was so sweet of Charles when he said; I’m so happy for you, you passed the test. How easy it was to get things done like getting my permit in one day and not making me come back the next day made me feel very happy. The application process was very smooth though we waited and stood outside until the office resume at 1 o’clock. 

The staff are very accommodating to the applicants which was very nice from them and they had smiles on their faces. Well, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the temperature was in the 90’s and it was very warm and sunny today. Thank God, we have nothing to do outside the house over the weekend and we can just relax inside the house. I can’t stand being outside for so long nor working in the garage. It is just very hot for me even though Doug always says; I grew up in the tropics.

All You Need Is Stair Lifts

If you have ever had an elderly relative like a parent, grandparent or other loved one who began to have real physical problems you understand already the headaches and heartaches that can be an everyday occurrence. One of the hardest things for those who have physical limitations is that they begin to lose the independence that we all value so much. This is especially hard for older adults who have been totally independent for so many decades. One way this independence loss hits is the lack of mobility that they have. Losing a drivers license, forced to use a cane or walker or even being able to use the stairs in your own home. Luckily, some of these limitations are relatively easy to elevate.  Maybe the easiest is using your own stairs, all you need is stair lifts. Many insurance companies and Medicare will facilitate helping to pay for stair lifts and those you care about can begin to get some of their independence back.

I Am Undecided


July 01, 2013

Only 3 days left before the 4th of July and I am undecided whether I will go to Springfield, Missouri with Doug, or rather stay at home. Driving for about 2 hours back and forth is not fun during late at night. Though on our last trip driving back home from visiting my sister’s-in-law for about 6 hours didn’t seem liked that long. Charles fortunately never asked his famous question; Are we there yet? Seeing trucks and flags had kept him busy most of our trip which was a good thing. 

But anyhow, today was such a beautiful day. I drove the car and we all went to the playground nearby. Its amazing how Charles really enjoyed going up and down on the slides. As for me, I do not like the big slides and prefer the smaller ones. Charles though goes on all the slides no matter how high.