I Am Undecided


July 01, 2013

Only 3 days left before the 4th of July and I am undecided whether I will go to Springfield, Missouri with Doug, or rather stay at home. Driving for about 2 hours back and forth is not fun during late at night. Though on our last trip driving back home from visiting my sister’s-in-law for about 6 hours didn’t seem liked that long. Charles fortunately never asked his famous question; Are we there yet? Seeing trucks and flags had kept him busy most of our trip which was a good thing. 

But anyhow, today was such a beautiful day. I drove the car and we all went to the playground nearby. Its amazing how Charles really enjoyed going up and down on the slides. As for me, I do not like the big slides and prefer the smaller ones. Charles though goes on all the slides no matter how high.


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