I Though Do Not Like Letting Go


July 25, 2013

Whether you are watching the news on television or reading on the internet we all have seen a couple of accidents regarding train derailments and plane crashes on the runway. Over the past few years now, I have been planning on visiting back to the Philippines though seeing these plane crashes on television makes me a little bit worried. Before I was not fearful until I had my son, Charles. 

I know worry about everything that could possibly go wrong and that’s what I am most afraid of. Traveling back to the Philippines is a very long trip on the plane and who knows if the pilot is on training? Just like what had happened with Asiana Airlines recently. Being a mom with my son really changes everything about the way I see the world now. Fear is my biggest weakness but Doug always says; you can‘t live your life with fear. 

I though do not like letting go on small things when it comes to Charles so I have to do it for him. I remember a couple of weeks ago when Charles and I did sand artwork and I did it myself instead of letting Charles do it by himself. Charles helped me do the sand artwork but I want it to be perfect so I had decided to make it my way. As I thought about it makes me feel really bad. 

I should let Charles do his own stuff and appreciate more for what he has done. So now when Charles is doing some artwork like coloring, and cutting papers I’ll let him work on his own way and be there to support him. Well, if you read my blogs you know that I have not renewed my passport and I would love to do it in the Fall. Driving down to Chicago is not ideal specially at this time of the year. 

Summertime makes drivers more antsy on the highway and traffic gets really bad. Being stacked on the traffic is not fun at all and Doug is not a big fan either.


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