Its Just Like A Boring Day Today


July 27, 2013

Its just like a boring day today. Did nothing except teaching Charles how to drive his bicycle without training wheels in the garage. Though when he saw a tiny spider in the garage Charles freaked out. Charles and his dad are afraid of spiders so whenever there is spider its always me who takes care of it. But sometimes I scare my hubby by throwing the spider onto him and he gets really scared. 

I’ve never seen someone who’s so scared of spiders in the past so every time I scare Doug with a spider it makes me laugh so hard. Well, how was your day today? As for me, it was a very good day to start with until my hubby irritates the hell out of me. Who would be happy when your husband is gone for a couple of hours playing a Magic Tournament and couldn’t even send a text that he will be gone for so long? 

Doug is a huge gamer. In fact, he has plenty of Magic Cards that he had been messing with them the last two months now. NCAA Football is another game on his X-Box that Charles likes to play along when his dad is playing the game. So Charles and I were waiting for him to get home so we can go to the store to get our groceries. And when I was taking my shower Charles told me that he called his dad and I freaked out. 

Maybe he called other numbers in my contacts or dialed 911 so I asked what else he does on my phone. Doug and I never really had a conversation with Charles about dialing 911 when there is an emergency at home. But this type of conversation needs to be discussed with him just in case of emergency.


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