Keep It Real And Keep It Simple


August 21, 2013

With several magazines to read every month it is very enticing to be able to see what is featured on every page. But sorry I am not the type of person that will buy right away if I see something on a magazine page or see something on television. When I really want an item, I will have to keep on thinking about it before I buy. I picture myself whether it will be good to look at on me or not. Lately, every time I watch on television I notice every stylist is pushing what’s hot for the summer, fall, and even holidays. 

Geez! Every individual is different in shape and sizes. Not all the trends, styles, and beauty products you read on the magazines or see on television will also look good on you. We each have our own personality and we don‘t need to keep up what‘s the latest trends all the time. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable will make you feel good inside and out. Keep it real and keep it simple and you will be confident and happy with yourself.


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