Charles Wants A Honda Van


October 16, 2013

My son, Charles is only 5 years old but he already knows what kind of car he’s going to get when turns 16 years old. Geez! I hope when he’s 16 he will change his mind on what car that he wants. For some unknown reason he wants a Honda Van. I don’t know what’s with Honda Van but that’s what Charles has been infatuated with lately. He gets excited every time he sees a Honda Van on the highway or even in the parking lot. 

Aside from Honda Vans Charles, also wants a disco house with disco furniture. At least though Charles knows what he really wants for his future unlike me when I was his age. I had no idea what I wanted when I grew up when I was 5. Just today when Charles spoke with his Aunt Cheryl, he told her to buy UNO at the store so she can learn and practice how to play the game which was a smart idea as Charles loves playing UNO.


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