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November 22, 2013

Today, one of my husband’s wrestlers at school invited him to watched, The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, at school and I thought it was alright. I have never been to a stage play since I came here in the United States of America so tonight was an opportunity to try out. Besides, the father of his wrestler is very involved when it comes to wrestling activities at school. 

Though Charles thought it was boring, but he always clapped his hands during the show which was very funny. Then we went to Walmart to get our grocery shopping as the weather tomorrow is going to get nasty. The weather today is very cold with rain showers and it is going to be the same within the next few days. Anyway, have you started your holiday decorating already? As for me, we are all excited to put up our Christmas Tree before the typhoon Haiyan, came. 

But now, I don’t feel like decorating anymore knowing my family back home in the Philippines are affected by typhoon Haiyan. We lost our home and building a new one could take longer specially when money is involved. Its always a misconception when someone is married to a US Citizen, and people always think the guy is rich even when it is not just like my husband. 

Oh well, since Charles, saw the commercial on television of Command products he thinks that we need to decorate. I know how excited he is and we are going to put up our Christmas Tree when we get back after Thanksgiving. He is also looking forward to Thanksgiving so he can race Indy Car with his aunts. He also made his tickets and it cost $100 so he can save the money for his Honda, Van. Geez! His tickets are very expensive for his Indy Car race.


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