On Selmer Mouthpieces


December 22, 2013

My son, Charles is a music wiz and we have purchased him many instruments one of my favorite instruments we have not exposed Charles to yet is the saxophone. When Charles does get a chance at a saxophone we will make sure to get him good selmer mouthpieces to play with. Only the best of instruments and accessories are what I want for my son.

Homemade Banana Bread


December 15, 2013

With my son, Charles being a picky eater his leftovers just go to the trash can. Just a few days ago, I got Charles some bananas and he only ate two of them. The rest had turned black so instead of tossing them away I made banana bread out of them. The banana bread tasted really good though I can not share the recipe. Measuring ingredients is not my thing but I always make sure to taste it first to get the taste just the way I wanted.

The Swiss Colony Chocolates


December 01, 2013

It was very nice of my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law, Mildred, to gave me a box of, The Swiss Colony chocolates. The chocolate looks delicious and I can’t wait to taste them.