I'll Just Have to Laughed About It


December 10, 2014

With Christmas Day, just around the corner you probably are done shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Well, good for you! That means you really looking forward to the holiday. As for me, I have not shopped for any gifts for my son, Charles. He wants an X-Box so he could play games but we already have one. I just never let him play on his dad’s X-Box and I don’t think it’s a good idea to start with. 

Yes there are games he could play for his age but once he explored the system he can play anything he likes which some of the games are not suitable for his age. I remember when Doug was playing games on his X-Box and it was cussing “son of a bitch“, then Charles said; bitch, bitch when he was little. I thought it was funny at that time but not anymore when Charles asked me this question a few days ago. What is holy shit? 

It was kind of shocking but I managed to ask where did you hear that? It’s a bad word. There are times I’d rather not say anything though he is very inquisitive and kept on asking, why? When we were at school watching wrestling dual Charles wanted to buy nacho cheese and I don’t have cash so Charles kept on asking why you don’t have money? I said; they don’t take cards, cash only. Then Charles said; that means you are bankrupt, you need to go to the bank. 

With his sense of humor I’ll just have to laughed about it even when sometimes it is getting onto my nerves when he asks non-stop questions. Making deals with me and asking with triple please are hard to resist to say no when I saw his angelic face waiting for my answer. Well, tomorrow is Cookies with Santa at Charles’ school and looks like we are all going after Doug’s wrestling practice. This is our first time to do this event and something to look forward to tomorrow.

Great Gift this Holiday

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Good Compliments from Other People


November 24, 2014

I used to work as a data encoder when I was in the Philippines. With surveys coming from the United States, I was curious the way someone answered to each questions. The questionnaire was all about you, family, leisure, arts and crafts, travel, motoring, health, and home. When it comes to motoring section I was curious about the make and model of each car and what it looked like. Now, that I see cars everyday and drive by myself I know every car’s make and model, of course which car is expensive as well. So when Doug, decided to get our next car I was very apprehensive on the type of car that he’s getting, Ford, Mustang, GT. It is not family car, it doesn’t have much room at the back but is very fast and very good looking car (not bragging). 

Ford, Mustang GT

Most of all we always get good compliments from other people and I just smiled about it when I hear one. So when I drove the Ford, Mustang the other day when I picked up Charles from his school I got a compliment from a kid, “you have a nice car by the way”. It was very flattering even a kid already knows about good looking cars on the car rider lane.

Was Always a Night Owl


October 14, 2014

Charles since he started kindergarten now likes to go to bed really early. Since Charles was in my belly he was always a night owl. When pregnant Charles always moved and kicked the most late at night. When little he never wanted to sleep even while we were in bed he would just stay awake. Over the last year or 2 he would stay awake as late as my husband usually 11 until midnight. Now, though since school started he started going to bed at 10, then 9:30, then 9:00 and now at 8 or 8:30 every night. Thing is though he still does not like getting up when we wake him up at 6:30.

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Charles Could Get Us in Trouble


September 03, 2014

Before, my son, Charles, started his Kindergarten, we were commonly getting up around 9 to 11 o’clock in the morning. Now, its not a problem for him getting up at 6:30 though eating his breakfast seems to be his problem. Just this morning he did not eat his breakfast before he goes to school as he does not like to eat anything at all early in the morning. As a mom, of course it worries me. What if Charles complains that he is hungry before lunch time and his teacher will ask him what‘s the problem? 

With Charles not eating his breakfast could it get us in trouble in the future? Here in the U.S., when you send your child to school hungry or has some personal hygiene issues it could definitely put their families in question for the authorities. Being a mom and a wife I always cook and prepare our meals every day so we can get a good meal instead of buying frozen foods from the grocery store. 

But Charles has always been a very picky eater since he was little and I keep encouraging him to try to eat new foods. Though he only eats what he likes and don’t when he doesn’t feel like it. Funny thing is Charles has always been that way in the morning, he wants to wait like an hour to eat his breakfast everyday.

Custom Handmade Furniture

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Before, We Used to Cuddle Up


September 01, 2014

Since Charles started kindergarten my mornings are a little bit different now. Before, we used to cuddle up in the morning covered with blanket while watching Today, with Kathie Lee, and Hoda KOTB. Now that he’s at school every day it seems boring to me as I hardly watch television during the day. When I try to go back to sleep in the morning, I still can not sleep at all. The games that I had downloaded Bakery Story, and Restaurant Story, to keep me busy are kind of frustrating the longer I play these games. 

There are so many goals to achieved yet I still could not get the appliances that I really wanted even when I level up. And when I don’t get a chance to play a day or visit the community my star rating has dropped from 4 to 3 which is kind of annoying. I thought when I played hard my 4 star ratings has already secured but I was wrong. And having 2 games on 2 separate phones are hard to keep up with now that my hubby has to go to work. It was the first games that Charles downloaded and now I am the one playing these games. 

At first I thought these games are cool and I was very interested to have them on my phone as well. Charles is changing too for example he gets tired and goes to sleep a few hours earlier then he used to.

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A Dirt Bike For His Birthday


August 12, 2014

I can not believe my baby will turn 6 years old next month. Time goes really fast. Before I know it he will be in college, just kidding. As for his birthday presents I would really like to give him a dirt bike though his dad thinks it is dangerous for him to have one. While browsing at the Toys R US website, the Razor Dirt Rocket MX400, is really awesome and it is for 14 years old and up. Its very pricey of $249.99. We could have spent the money twice for our grocery shopping trips, just saying haha. The Mini Motos Dirt Bike 6V Red, is very cool. It has training wheels just like his bicycle that he no longer uses. 

Razor Dirt Rocket MX400

Mini Motos Dirt Bike 6V Red

With so many toys he already has, buying things for him can be difficult. Doug, and me sometimes disagree on things that we would like to buy for Charles but in the end Doug always gets what he likes and not what I like. When it comes to shopping for Charles clothing I like to buy jeans for him. Though Doug does not like wearing jeans and so he does not want Charles to wear them as well. Of course Charles does not really like jeans either. Wait until we have a daughter buying clothes, shoes, and toys are all my decisions in the end.

Auto Destructing Electronic Messages

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I Am Planning To Change My Citizenship


July 17, 2014

I can not believe it will be 7 years already here in the United States of America. So far, every thing is doing well. I finally got my driver license which I am very happy about getting it. I know it has been a long years not to have my driver license despite the fact that I’ve been here in the United States for so many years. My husband does not really push me hard in driving the car which I really liked. With Charles going to school I know I should drive instead of him riding the school bus. 

Now that I have my driver license I am planning to change my citizenship to US citizen that means giving up my citizenship from the Philippines. Doug has been encouraging me over the last few years now that I should do it but I was the only one who’s not thinking about it. Of course, I still like to live in the Philippines but once I am US citizen I should live here. 

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July 16, 2014

Have you ordered online and when it arrives in the mail it was not the right one? Well, that is what had happened to us when my husband ordered my magnetic sticker  “NEW DRIVER, PLEASE BE PATIENT”. The magnetic stickers that we got are; “NEW DRIVER“, and “STUDENT DRIVER” instead of “PLEASE BE PATIENT”. Thankfully, everything has been taking care of and they are going to send a new one in the mail. 

Well, we’ve been kind of busy lately. We took Charles to his checkup and everything went really well. Charles and I also shopped for his clothes to wear when he goes to school this August. Every time Charles and I go shopping he always complains and just want to go home as soon as possible. So now, that I can drive shopping will be a lot easier and Charles could stay at home. He also does not like watching movies so he can not go with his dad when he watches a movie. 

When Charles and his dad watched a movie together it did not go so well so my hubby had to drive Charles back home when the popcorn was all gone. Charles is just like me who rather be home all the time but once in a while I want to go some other places.

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He Rode Faster Than Ever


July 09, 2014

I had quite a busy day over the last few days now. I’ve been teaching Charles how to ride his bicycle without the training wheels and he really did a fantastic job in riding his bike. Tonight, he rode faster than ever. As a mom of course I am worried he might crash into the concrete and have a boo-boo. With his new found bicycle riding skills he is very eager to go outside even when it is hot and I don’t like it as much as he does. 

The other thing that I need to teach Charles is to write the alphabets and numbers. With Charles being left-handed it is really difficult for me to teach him and Charles does not like writing at all. Though when it comes to reading and counting numbers, not to brag but, he is really good at those already. Oh well, what have you been doing on your summer break so far? As for me, I have been busy driving the car and watching recorded shows on television. 

With so many shows to watch on Bravo recording them all at once is the best thing to do so I can skip commercials. I can’t wait for the season premiere of Don’t Be Tardy, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Top Chef Duels, Below Deck, and Chrisley Knows Best. When it comes to cooking shows I am really into watching the shows. Most of the time it makes me hungry when I see delicious foods on television. The other night we were watching Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and boy I was starving after watching the show.

I Now Consider Myself a Huge Gamer


May 28, 2014

It has been a long time since I posted my blog as I don’t feel like updating on them anymore. Not getting any tasks to work makes me feel very lazy plus over the last few days now I have not been feeling very well. Being originally from the Philippines, I have never imagined myself getting allergies and it is the worst feeling I have every morning. Taking allergy medicine really helped a lot though I do not like taking medicine at all. Having my eyes burning, sore throat, and sneezing. It is really hard not to take one pill but I have to if I want to feel better. 

Oh well, this month my phone is always busy as I now consider myself a huge gamer. Yup! My son, Charles downloaded Bakery and Restaurant Story on his dad’s phone and I thought it was very interesting so I downloaded the game on my phone. Playing these games Bakery and Restaurant Story are quite unique as I can customize my bakery and restaurant. Visiting my neighbors, sending gifts and leaving tips on the table are my daily routine so it takes some time when doing two phones at once. 

The only issue of these games are having ovens that I can only cook dishes for a few hours instead of overnight. Plus not getting the tables and chairs that I really like as I don’t want to spend money on buying gems and doing some goals. Well, this month is almost over only one week left before the school year ends in June and we can’t wait for the summer to come. My hubby is planning to go to World’s of Fun next month and I am very hesitant whether we should go with him or not. I am not afraid of heights but thinking on the roller coaster and other rides in there makes me feel sick to my stomach and I have not been feeling very well at all. 

Aside from going to World’s of Fun, we are planning to visit my sisters-in-law, while we are in Kansas City, and go to Omaha as well. My hubby wants to go back to the zoo and I am not really a big fan of going there. Going to the zoo is not really boring its just not my type of place to visit I’d rather go to the aquarium, botanical garden and most of all window shopping. Anyway, today is just an ordinary day aside from playing games on the phones and watching my favorite shows on television. Charles went with his dad during practice this afternoon and I really missed my little gamer so much. 

How much more when he go to school this August? He is very excited and so are we but as a mother I am worried with so many things being away from one another. I know he will do great at school and for the meantime starting next week he has to go to bed at decent time not midnight and get up early. 

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets


May 05, 2014

My son, Charles began watching NASCAR Sprint Cup races when he was 3 years old. Now, he’s 5, racing is still his favorite show to watch on television and playing games on the phone. Having a NASCAR fan at home, has made my hubby and me into NASCAR fans as well. Our weekend won’t be the same without watching NASCAR races. Just this week we are going to Kansas City to watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway for the second time. 

The first time I watched NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway I thought it was very exciting and the fans were very excited and happy. Of course, seeing Dale Earnhardt JR., at the racetrack makes the crowd go wild every time he passed by. Aside from Dale Earnhardt JR., I also like Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Brad Keselowski which is also Charles’ favorite driver and so is Kyle Larson. When we visit my husband’s family I usually pack our clothes ahead of time but not this time. 

Over the last few days I have  been very busy with my iPhone.  I used to not play much on it until Charles downloaded games on my husband’s phone. I thought the games were very interesting so I wanted it on my phone so I can play the games when my husband is not around. Bakery Story, and Restaurant, are very addicting and I really enjoy them. Of course, though they both take a lot of time to keep up with.

Wedding DJ

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Call Me Crazy


March 06, 2014

The Oscars are already over but I can’t help thinking about John Travolta’s flub while introducing Idina Menzel as Adele Dazem. He was very serious and these lines: Wickedly talented, the one and only Adele Dazem put a smile on my face. Call me crazy but I kept watching the recorded show of The Oscars, for that part when John messed up and Idina Menzel singing, Let It Go, over and over again. When Idina was guest on Jimmy Fallon, I watched her and they sang, Let It Go, with Jimmy and The Roots. Let It Go, is a very catchy song and my son, Charles likes it just like I do. 

The other thing that makes me smile while watching the tv is; Worst Cooks In America, on the Food Network. Oh my, the show is very funny and Jamie, puts a good laugh on me. I’m so thankful I can cook unlike these worst cook contestants. Though one of the, is going to win $25,000. Aside from Worst Cooks In America, Flipping Out, premiered last night I was so excited. Flipping Out, is one of my favorite shows on Bravo and I do really like watching Jeff Lewis and the gang. 

Anyway, while typing this blog I am watching, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and this show is crazy. These people are definitely crazy and the kids act and the way they talk aren’t like normal people, just saying. Mama June is only 33 and she has 4 children already. Oh my if I got married at a very young age I would definitely have many children such as Mama June, just kidding.

Another Winter Weather


February 25, 2014

Oh my, another winter weather is coming this weekend? It does not really matter to me about having another winter weather coming as I don’t have to be outside on those days. Though, I think about my hubby they might be out of school again due to the weather conditions. Their last day of school is in June which sucks. I love having Doug around all summer and having a late school is harder on  Charles and me both. Plus with our SUV down again the Mustang is not a good bad weather car as its traction on snow and ice is awful. But we have been very lucky when it comes to the weather here in Northwest Arkansas unlike other parts of the country which are still covered in snow. This week’s polar vortex is back and could affect millions of Americans again. Many are still left without electricity, food to eat especially those kids depending on school lunches. Anyway, few of my favorite shows on Bravo are back for the season which I am looking forward to. Doug & I has different shows to watch on television except for NASCAR racing. 

My New Slicer


January 27, 2014

Making homemade sweet potato chips has always been my favorite snack to make at night instead of Pringles Sour Cream. Cutting sweet potatoes is not that easy especially the knife that I am using is not that sharp as I want it to be. I don’t want to buy a sharpener and I thought it cost more than I expected for a sharpener. When I went to Wal-Mart yesterday I made sure to looked for a slicer and found one that I really liked without overspending my budget. I had tried the slicer last night and I thought it was really cool but I was kind of afraid I might cut my fingers. The blade is very sharp. Every glide of slicing sweet potato takes  very careful hands which I did. 

Oh well, how’s your weather like for today? Its been so cold and breezy all day and it is going to be that way over the next few days. Charles and I played hide & seek and he really had a great time. I told him to count 1-100 when it was my turn to hide which was a good thing for him to learn his numbers even though he already knows how to count 1-100. When it was his turned to hide he kept on giggling and couldn’t stop laughing every time he hid behind the chair in our bed room.

Grateful For The Weather


January 26, 2014

I am so grateful for the weather we had today. The temperature was in the 60’s and we got a chance to enjoy the weather before it gets awful again tomorrow. Played bowling and of course, my hubby scored the highest points. We did not get a chance to ride on go-karts and it was kind of disappointment. The go-karts were already reserved for a birthday party so I decided to play mini-golf. I thought we all had a great time playing bowling and golf then we stopped by at Wal-Mart to get our grocery shopping done. 

Well, it is a very busy night watching shows on television. I usually don’t watch The Bachelor, but tonight was Sean and Catherine’s Wedding on live television and I thought is was kind of interesting. Having so many shows to watch on television at the same time is very confusing thankfully I can record all of them. Before I was very skeptical in adding Whole-Home DVR and now I can’t live without it. 

Anyway, are you all getting excited for the Super Bowl next week? As for me, I am not really a huge fan of the Broncos but I do really like Peyton Manning and Eric Decker. If you haven’t seen Eric Decker play on the field better be as he is a hottie!

Wholesale Purses

I love shopping for many things but I enjoy nothing more then shopping for purses, especially wholesale purses from here. Having the perfect bag to match to your outfit and to what you needs are. For example as a mom I like a designer bag but also need one that can carry stuff for my son, Charles. I always like to carry baby wipes, some snacks and a bottle of water for Charles.

Got 2nd Place on Wrestling Tournament


January 25, 2014

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s fun-filled family bowling and go cart racing with my boys. Tried go cart racing once before and I really liked it a lot even though some of the kids were bumping into my cart and driving like crazy. Charles was more daredevil than me once he figured out how to drive go cart. Since the weather is in the 60’s tomorrow playing mini-golf could be on the list. 

Well, I kinda had a boring day. Laid in bed all day but I couldn’t sleep at all and it only made my back hurt. Not being able to sleep at all has always been my problem even though I am taking sleeping pills at night. I guess tonight I will read some magazines and stay up very late until I am sleepy. Though it was very good day for my hubby and his wrestlers. The team got 2nd place on their 2 day conference  wrestling tournament which was a very good day. 

They also got a trophy which my hubby took home and I was worried maybe Charles could break it. At least only 3 weeks left before the wrestling season is over. The State Wrestling Tournament is earlier than last year and I can not wait for it to be over. Charles always asked me what time his father going to be home as he only wants his phone so he can play games. 

Aside from that, I also want to drive the car so I can pass the driving test. The first time I took the driving test I did not pass the test perhaps not being familiar with our Ford, Mustang on the road. I have driven our BMW and I can see so much better on the highway. Getting my driver license would be very important as I need to drive Charles when he goes to school this August instead of riding on a school bus. Of course, I can drive anywhere I like and going shopping by myself would be more fun for me and not hearing; lets go home now from Charles and Doug.

Makes My Life So Good


January 23, 2014

Can you believe January is almost over? Time flies very fast and before we know it spring and summer are just around the corner which everyone is looking forward to especially in this chilly weather conditions. Wherever you are right now we are all affected by this frigid weather and has caused so many accidents on the road due to visibility conditions. When I went to the Asian store tonight it was freezing even though I was just out for a few minutes from the car. But its worth it going out as I got some vegetables banana flower, long beans, and sweet potatoes.

Cooked the vegetables earlier and it will be good paired with dried fish. Too bad A’Chau does not have galung-gong and I don’t want to get any other fish than that. Cooking dishes that I grew up eating in the Philippines makes my life so good.

Multiple Languages To Speak Is A Great Skill


January 02, 2014

Being a stay-at-home mom to my 5 year old son, my husband Doug has always encourages me to teach our son, Charles how to speak my languages. Before, I thought he was crazy as I don’t want our son to speak my family dialects, Waray-waray and Tagalog. When I  grew up in the Philippines I learned two languages as a kid and then English as I grew older. 

Then, I realized how very important it is for my son to be able to speak our language and be able to communicate and understand other people around him once he visits the Philippines someday. I especially want Charles to be able to talk to his relations like my mom, dad, brother and sister. Not only our dialects but I can also teach my son how to speak different languages using translations services from Rosetta Translation.  

Having multiple languages to speak is just such a great skill to have and to be able to have someone effectively translate languages is a must in today’s modern business world. Regardless of the type of business that you run or even in your personal business having a good handle on many languages is a win win situation for you and your company.

More Gold Sets of Ornaments

I had quite a busy day getting some chores done that’s been sitting around over the last few days while we were gone for the holidays. I did a bunch of laundry, hanged clothes, folded the clothes, vacuumed the floors, then I cleaned our bathrooms as well. I also took our Christmas tree down with some help from my little helper named, Charles. Though I really want to do it by myself as I like to keep things organized and neat just the way I wanted them to be. But Charles was very insistent to help in taking off the ornaments from the tree. 

Speaking of ornaments, I bought some more gold sets of Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby and it was a great deal. All the Christmas decorations are 80% off and I would love to go back to Hobby Lobby again this afternoon when my hubby gets home. There are some Christmas decorations that I would love to buy but when I was at the store the other day I did not buy them. Besides, 80% off is a great deal after all. This weekend will not be much fun though as my husband has another two day wrestling tournament though at least this is a local tourney it still makes for a long couple of days. Charles will once again miss his Dad like last week when we stayed in Missouri when Doug came back for a two day tournament. I cannot wait till wrestling season is over.