Got 2nd Place on Wrestling Tournament


January 25, 2014

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s fun-filled family bowling and go cart racing with my boys. Tried go cart racing once before and I really liked it a lot even though some of the kids were bumping into my cart and driving like crazy. Charles was more daredevil than me once he figured out how to drive go cart. Since the weather is in the 60’s tomorrow playing mini-golf could be on the list. 

Well, I kinda had a boring day. Laid in bed all day but I couldn’t sleep at all and it only made my back hurt. Not being able to sleep at all has always been my problem even though I am taking sleeping pills at night. I guess tonight I will read some magazines and stay up very late until I am sleepy. Though it was very good day for my hubby and his wrestlers. The team got 2nd place on their 2 day conference  wrestling tournament which was a very good day. 

They also got a trophy which my hubby took home and I was worried maybe Charles could break it. At least only 3 weeks left before the wrestling season is over. The State Wrestling Tournament is earlier than last year and I can not wait for it to be over. Charles always asked me what time his father going to be home as he only wants his phone so he can play games. 

Aside from that, I also want to drive the car so I can pass the driving test. The first time I took the driving test I did not pass the test perhaps not being familiar with our Ford, Mustang on the road. I have driven our BMW and I can see so much better on the highway. Getting my driver license would be very important as I need to drive Charles when he goes to school this August instead of riding on a school bus. Of course, I can drive anywhere I like and going shopping by myself would be more fun for me and not hearing; lets go home now from Charles and Doug.


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