More Gold Sets of Ornaments


January 02, 2014

I had quite a busy day getting some chores done that’s been sitting around over the last few days while we were gone for the holidays. I did a bunch of laundry, hanged clothes, folded the clothes, vacuumed the floors, then I cleaned our bathrooms as well. I also took our Christmas tree down with some help from my little helper named, Charles. Though I really want to do it by myself as I like to keep things organized and neat just the way I wanted them to be. But Charles was very insistent to help in taking off the ornaments from the tree. 

Speaking of ornaments, I bought some more gold sets of Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby and it was a great deal. All the Christmas decorations are 80% off and I would love to go back to Hobby Lobby again this afternoon when my hubby gets home. There are some Christmas decorations that I would love to buy but when I was at the store the other day I did not buy them. Besides, 80% off is a great deal after all. This weekend will not be much fun though as my husband has another two day wrestling tournament though at least this is a local tourney it still makes for a long couple of days. Charles will once again miss his Dad like last week when we stayed in Missouri when Doug came back for a two day tournament. I cannot wait till wrestling season is over.


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